Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi has been given a personalised Pinarello Dogma F8 from Team Sky, along with a custom Sky jersey from Rapha


The worlds of football and cycling rarely collide, but ‘huge cycling fan’ Lionel Messi got a treat this week when he was presented with a personalised Pinarello Dogma F8 from Team Sky.

The Argentinian superstar reportedly shares a mutual friend with Team Sky mechanic David Fernandez, who sourced the bike for Messi.

Upon hearing that one of the world’s most famous players was keen to ride their kit, Pinarello and Rapha went about customising his ride and his jersey with ‘LEO 10’ livery.

(Photo: Team Sky)

(Photo: Team Sky)

Unfortunately for Leo, recovering from a knee injury means that he can’t actually ride the bike just yet, but when he’s back in peak condition he will be able to pootle out to the hills around Barcelona, the city in which he makes his quite substantial living.

He won’t be short of riding companions either, with Girona just up the road – an enclave for professional cyclists thanks to the fertile training grounds of the region.

(Photo: Team Sky)

(Photo: Team Sky)

Standing at 1.70m, Messi is only 3cm taller than Colombian Nairo Quintana, so it will be interesting to see if he shares his fellow South American’s flair for climbing.

  • Michael Warburton packman

    Hi at 71and disabled and bike from about 1958 to 1994 so I thought it might be nice to by my self a sky or Wiggins top but looking at there prices at £75 then seeing that sky had given them to man that can afford his own. All I and others would like skywiggins to do is to lower its prices as we do not all have large bank accounts so I will have to save up to to be able to by one some time next year (2016) yours mike 2

  • J1

    Does it make you feel better that Messi helps lots of very poor kids from Favelas in Argentina? I wouldn’t be surprised if this bike gets donated in some way to be honest.

  • John Finch

    I wasn’t for a minute suggesting that I should have been given a bike instead. Clearly that would be futile from a publicity and marketing perspective. But the bike could have gone to someone who will appreciate it and get use out of it, rather than to someone who can buy 26 of them a week if he chose to. I don’t know what the answer is, but there have to be plenty of people more worthy than a crocked Argentian millionaire footballer…

  • Winston

    Why should you be given things? What can you do to promote the brands involved? And do you have a mate who is friend with a mechanic at Sky? No? Dry your eyes.

  • J1

    It’s not the first time. The richer you get, the more free stuff you get…and Messi is pretty rich, £260,000 a week. It’s good marketing for Sky, Rapha & Pinarello obviously, having the best footballer in the world riding your bike and wearing your gear is a plus.
    Hell, if this allows Messi to connect more with the fans (they’d have to cycle mind) then I think it’s great, if I had a chance to ride next to Messi, that would be incredible. He’d be mobbed if people realised who he was though, which is fairly easy with all the nickname decals.

  • Stevo

    Talk about small-minded. It’s Sky’s kit; surely they can do what they want with it? Anyway if, this makes you feel sick, what do you make of Messi’s life in general compared with that of someone who is really suffering? I reckon it’s God you should be getting upset with rather than Sky.

  • John Finch

    Yep, that makes me feel physically sick. Top prize to Team Sky for the ‘most ill considered publicity stunt of the year’.

  • George Andrew

    People that can afford things being given things I can’t afford, lovely stuff…