Thanks to a collaboration between Strava and Garmin, riders can now get real time feed back on their performance when riding a Strava segment. Let the competition begin….

Since 2009 riders have been using Strava segments to compete against themselves and, often, complete strangers.

It is surprising how seeing the achievements of others can really spur you on to achieve great personal performances.


Previously, checking how you performed had to wait until you got home

To date, you could only see how well you’d done against your arch nemesis when you got home and uploaded your ride file.

Now thanks to Strava and Garmin,  when riding through a selected Strava segment you can get real time feedback on your performance relative to your chosen comparators. You can select up to three of the following comparators to monitor your effort: your own previous performances, your goal for the segment, the QOM/KOM for the segment, and/or the next-fastest rider that you follow on Strava.

Also, to assist you in gauging your effort you’ll receive a countdown when approaching a selected segment and you’ll receive immediate results when you have completed the segment.

Amgen Tour of California, Stage 6

Now you can feel like you’re racing yourself, your best mate, or the reigning QOM/KOM (Photo: Casey B. Gibson/Watson)

Initially Strava Live Segments will only be accessible on the Garmin Edge 520. However, pending a firmware update expected in Q3, Garmin Edge 1000, 810, and 510 users will be able to join the party.

Strava Live Segments are only available to subscribers to Strava Premium, which is available at a cost of £3.99 a month or £39.99 a year.

For further information please visit Strava.

  • CAT4

    Cheers man, finally figured it out!

  • Lewis Hamilton Brown

    510 update is up. Hopefully trying it out today. You have to resync your Connect and Strava accounts again under your Strava settings.

  • CAT4

    Anyone know if the update for 510/810/1000 been released yet?

  • James Barlow

    No, only needs to be connected to a phone if you want to use live tracking. All the strava stuff is downloaded when you you connect as normal. Live refers to being able to see your progress on a kom during the ride, rather than after loading up.

  • jandetlefsen

    assume the bike computer needs to be connected to a phone, right?