Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary uses his keynote speech at the Creative Minds conference in Dublin to take aim at Dublin City Council

He may have been speaking at the Creative Minds conference in Dublin, but Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary won’t win any creativity awards for his thoughts on what to do with cyclists.

The outspoken Irishman hit out at Dublin City Council’s plans to make the city a more appealing place for cyclists.

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“That’s all we need in Dublin is more blooming bicycles,” he said, reported in the Irish Independent. “In a country where it rains about 250 days a year, the way forward for Dublin is more bicycles.

“Let’s just go back to walking altogether. Soon we’ll be living in caves designed by Dublin City Council. Traffic won’t work, there’s nowhere to park the cars and yet this is a smarter way forward.

“We should take the cyclists out and shoot them.”

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O’Leary’s argument was based on the fact that he lives 55 miles away from his Dublin Airport office in County Westmeath – a journey he says he can’t do by bike.

The man who once suggested getting rid of the seats on his planes and charging people £4 to stand up instead said the council “deserve a slapping”.

He added: “I want to drive and I expect Dublin City [Council] to come up with a smarter way for me to get around Dublin and be able to park my car somewhere in the middle of Dublin without it being dug up every six weeks so we can have some other faddy non sustainable public transport solution.”

  • Dr P Straw

    What a complete waste of space to this earth he is. I would love to put him in some desert on a bike chasing me holding all the water. The only muscle he has in his body isn’t in his head, they are all in his right hand being the useless tosser he is.
    Regards from a very keen bike rider.

  • Alan Benn

    I think they are doing away with cars, pretty soon there will only be boxes we get into which take us places; I hope autonomous vehicles will be big enough to fit in a bike!

  • Jacob723

    You cannot spell the word ‘a’ and you put a comma at the end of a sentence. Another drunken Ryanair pilot?

  • Jacob723

    Another reason not to fly ryanair. I’ll add it to the file

  • Hasse

    If we should take this O’Leary seriously, should all cyclists take the car the next days, so we can prevent O’Leary becomes a killer. Possible he is also going second thoughts. Possible the man missing primary school, maybe someone should give him free lessons one cyclist = – one car. Good recovery to O’Leary hope he is not seriously ill. PS Ryan Air or whatever it’s called is not an option aircraft company

  • The Awakening

    I find it strange that the Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary would come out with these following comments;

    “That’s all we need in Dublin is more blooming bicycles,” he said, reported in the Irish Independent. “In a country where it rains about 250 days a year, the way forward for Dublin is more bicycles.

    “Let’s just go back to walking altogether. Soon we’ll be living in caves designed by Dublin City Council. Traffic won’t work, there’s nowhere to park the cars and yet this is a smarter way forward.

    “We should take the cyclists out and shoot them.”

    Let us rephrase the comments by Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary, made at the Creative Minds conference in Dublin, in the theme of ‘treating others the way we would like to be treated’ concept.

    As Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary has openly declared he wants cyclists shot, let us consider Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary comments, based the on the Creative Minds ‘treating ourselves, the way we would like others be treated’ theme…

    Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary would then come out with these ‘treating ourselves, the way we would like others be treated’ comments;

    “That’s all we need in Dublin is more blooming Ryanair flights,” he said, allegedly reported in the Irish Independent. “In a country where it rains about 250 days a year, the way forward for Dublin is more Ryanair flights to watch the rain.

    “Let’s just go back to taking trains altogether. Soon we’ll be living in aircraft hangers designed by Ryanair planners. Air Traffic Controllers won’t work, there’s nowhere to park the aircraft on the runways or the tarmac and yet this is a smarter way forward.

    “We should take the Ryanair planes out and shoot them.”

    Just as a footnote, IMHO, Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary should humbly apologise, for the offensive comments that he has made.

  • Chris

    I’ve warned you before about being uneducated. The word is spelt proportion.

  • bobfairlane

    I could sort of like the no seats idea, as long as they allow bean bag chairs and folding loungers, and keep an aisle clear for the drinks cart.

  • bobfairlane

    Some of that is just from being Irish (being a smartass and giving you a hard time), but I reckon he is quite spoiled.

  • tony365

    HA! I live in LA, well not for much longer. We do love to cater to Rich jerks here though. made me laugh

  • brianapplegate

    Or move to LA

  • brianapplegate

    WE are all entitled to our opinions how do others Rate you ???

  • brianapplegate

    Some take it way out of preportion

  • brianapplegate

    carefull he might ban cycles from his planes and o lot of people rely on him sorry,

  • Max

    good publicity for Easyjet I would say

  • You however, sound like your meds have stopped working.

  • Michael

    “I am repeatedly surprised to discover how crude and abusive modern-day cyclists can be.”

    I know shooting people to solve problems is par for the course over there, but if you call for a group of people to be shot and expect politeness in return then you must be dumber than he is.

  • reece46

    He’s been successful in business until Ryanair have an accident, and they have been getting close. Usually try to pass the blame but even that’s hard when 2 Ryanair aircraft hit each other on the ground.

  • reece46

    that’s not fair on chav’s. Ryanair is more suited to traveller with sleeping bag and a rucksack.

  • Zoltan666

    let’s start with proper driving lessons, most irish drive like my 80 years old grandpa. second, you need bigger cars, at least 6 meters long, and drive your children to school 2 km away every day. They will forget how to use their f#$@n legs…

  • Chris

    Oh dear! You claim to have gone to school. Unfortunately your grammar does not confirm that.

  • Chris

    By Cabbage shop, I assume you mean a greengrocer. It is always nice to ascertain what intelligence level I am dealing with.

  • brianapplegate


  • brianapplegate


  • Chris

    I’ll put you into the same category as Mr O’Lairy. Choose any from the page below that you fancy.

  • Chris

    Sorry, the threat of being shot tends to bring the worst out in me. All the cyclists I have met and ride with seem to be much nicer people than Mr. O’Lairy

  • Chris

    English not your first language?

  • Aj Camp

    Non sustainable?

  • brianapplegate

    Best comment todate they are tge mist Dangerous item onthe Unfortunatly for the families 8 were killed in one year pedaling through our tunnels.What about them subscribeing to proper insurance to be on roads to cover ambulance& hospital bills….IN EXCESS OFF 4 MILLION LAST YEAR ALONE.

  • brianapplegate


  • Patrick Jones

    “…faddy non sustainable public transportation solution.” Bikes have been around longer than cars so it appears cars are “faddy”. Non sustainable? I’m not even going to comment on that. Plain old fashion ignorance.

  • Ken


  • ian franklin

    Why is it that people who have been ‘successful’ in business think they are so good at everything else. Trump, Shinawatra, Ryan – just a bunch of thick oafs in my opinion, without any feeling for the world around them. Just their own greedy vision. Boycott his planes is the only answer by cyclists everywhere.

  • Chris

    Trying to keep your job are you?

  • Jason Johnson

    O’Leary’s whole raison d’être is to come out with controversial statements (standing on planes, charging for the loo, now this) which will get him and his company press coverage – simple as. He is of the mindset that there is no such thing as bad publicity, if people are talking about your company it is always a good thing.

    Think one day he will Ratner himself!

  • Norris Lockley

    I am repeatedly surprised to discover how crude and abusive modern-day cyclists can be. But there again, I suppose that you have a right to act like that as you are an ‘elite’ group of people..or you appear to consider yourselves as such.
    Mr O’Leary is probably mindful of having to avoid cyclists who suddenly swerve across in front of his car without giving any warning, or who undertake him in the tightest of situations then hurl abuse at him for being unreasonable when he gets annoyed..
    I wonder just how many of those cyclists offended by Mr O’Leary’s comments have availed themselves of the services of his airline to fly over to conveniently fly over to Majorca to preen themselves in their pre-season training sessions or, again, for their end-of-season wind-downs?

    Henceforth, it must be assumed that they will prefer to find other less convenient and more expensive flights…with other companies.

  • Ian

    Cycling is great fun. Great for the environment. Not like chemtrails from your mode of transport.

  • jfccubfan

    Headed to France for final stage of TDF in July. Was considering Ireland as a side trip. Not now. Finland maybe.

  • Dead Sheep

    What a horrible little man.

  • sohoyank

    It’s all about him. As long as he’s comfortable, who cares about anyone else? Right? What a jerk.

  • Owen Franssen

    Or cars in cities… Because they work really well

  • Owen Franssen

    Cycling in cities is obviously a non-sustainable fad, just ask the Dutch…

  • Samuel Clemens

    Heheh c0ckwomble, that’s pretty funny also.

  • Pedro Nogo

    Nah. The man is a grade A c0ckwomble

  • supong

    Wonder people like him still runs the show.

  • veloaficionado

    “I made my fortune wasting the planet’s liveable atmosphere so that chavs can get to Marbella. All you cyclists . . .what have you ever done?”

  • Rob

    Why sink to his level? Treat people like people.

  • I like how he thinks that the most space inefficient form of transportation is the most sustainable in a congested city.

    55 miles is too long for a bike commute. It’s actually pretty ridiculous in a car. I’m thinking that he can afford to live almost anywhere he wants. Maybe he should move closer to his work?

    In any case, if parking is his major concern, more bicycles means less competition for parking which works in his favor but he’s too prejudiced to realize that.

  • Samuel Clemens

    Don’t be so oversensitive, the dude said something which is kind of funny and obviously not serious.

  • Alex

    What a gobshite this man is.

  • Mr. Wrestling III

    “There’s nowhere to park” – Exactly, asshat, that’s why we encourage people to ride bikes.

  • Jonathan Theyers

    I think guy just admitted that he’s such a terrible driver he doesn’t know how to overtake a bike… or perhaps he’s just lashing out because he’s got the emotional intelligence of a toddler?

  • disqus_BTBkgagSeF

    We should take all airline companies out back and shoot them. K

  • tony365

    Yeah this is almost comical how dumb his comments are! I want to drive, I don’t think we need to cater to billionaire’s more than we already do, if bikes are his biggest problem in life, well wow! thats not so bad!

  • Konstantinos Theodoridis

    or even better…..cycle to work 😛

  • Stevo


  • dat

    I would also accept “Tw-twaffle”.

  • Justin

    Just dont use ryanair,hurt him where it hurts most…his pocket😉

  • tony365

    Yeah those darn bikes! just a fad thats older than the automobile, what an entitled jerk.

  • bradley bleck

    And so self supporting.

  • ContiBiker

    ….faddy non sustainable public transport solution.” Unlike airline travel, which is sooo sustainable…..

  • Jonathan Avellino

    cyclist-wide ban on ryan air till he apologizes?

  • Chris Williams

    What a Tw-T

  • Rob Blazoff

    Grade A asshat

  • Chris

    Let’s take all Ryanair executives out and shoot them, ” in front of their families” Not all Clarkson’s ideas were bad.

  • LaszloZoltan

    hope he enjoys a heart attack- soon

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    “Let’s just go back to walking altogether.” Yeah, that’s about as intelligent and progressive as wanting to take seats out of ‘planes. Rather than attacking cyclists, he should push the council to ban non-electric cars and buy himself a Tesla. There would be at least a grain of sense in that argument.

  • Vance Harvey

    The guys a dick…..just like his airline; I wouldn’t touch Ryan air with a barge pole….sooner walk!

  • SteelFrame

    I’ve always liked him…