Team Sky has benefited from its modern bus design at Tirreno-Adriatico this week in Italy, says Team Principal David Brailsford.

“The good thing is that we have Sky+ on the bus and we record all the stages,” Brailsford told Cycling Weekly. “The riders review it after the stage and in the morning before the next stage. When the guys are watching, they are able to explain their movements and learn. All of a sudden, it stimulates a discussion amongst them.”

The British ProTour team designed the bus with the riders’ comfort in mind. Its seats, each equipped with iPod docks and Sky TVs, look more like business class airline seats.

“We put a lot of technology on the bus and it is good to get familiar with it. There was a big transfer the other day [from Tuscany to Umbria], we stopped at the services and nobody got off! Incredible! That was the biggest plus the team bus could get.”

The eight Sky riders in Italy, not to mention this journalist, also appreciate the strobe light on top of a three-metre arm that rises to help locate the bus in the hectic post-stage scrabble.

David Brailsford, Team Sky 2010 launch

On the buses: Brailsford

Team Sky bus 2010

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  • Paul Lingwood

    The Sky Bus looks fabulous! However, let’s hope Mr Brailsford can sort out the appalling Eurosport scheduling – my experience is that you are likely to lose the Sky+ recording just as the riders enter the finishing straight and, when attempting to record to record the highlights with Sky+, you get an hour of tennis! Hopeless!

  • Ken Evans

    It didn’t help them beat Contador in Paris Nice.

    Or even place a rider in the top 10 of GC !

    15th place on teams classification.

  • Jon

    That sounds so good I really feel compelled to rush out and buy Sky+
    I love the shiny new head they’ve given David Brailsford as well – he’s looking more pimped than the bus.