A National Escort Group (NEG) rider died after he was in collision with a motor vehicle at a road race in Lamberhurst, Kent on Saturday.

The incident happened early on the first stage of a three-day South East Road Race league event which was immediately cancelled.

British Cycling put a statement on its website saying; ‘British Cycling can confirm a National Escort Group motorcyclist died today following an incident on the first day of the South East Road Race Three Day.’

The race was stopped immediately and racing was cancelled for the rest of the weekend.’

British Cycling president Brian Cookson said: “This is a tragedy which will sadden everyone associated with road racing in this country.”‘

My thoughts and those of everyone at british Cycling are with the friends and family of the NEG rider.’

Kent Police is appealing for witnesses. Anyone who witnessed the incident can contact the Serious Collision Unit on 01622 798538.

This is the second tragedy to affect road racing in the UK this year after Junior Heffernan died at the Severn Bridge road race in March.

  • karl brooks

    This is a very sad day for cycling , mashelling of cycle events has always been a time bomb waiting to happen . its the same old story trying to get club members out to marshel a corner .
    Ive seen teenagers on corners with no power to stop traffic when 60 racing cyclist are coming down the road ot 30mph surley comonsence from the british cycling should have kicked in by know to change the rules . The traffic on our roads has has trippled over the last 10 years, the problem is that although we have seen motor cycle marshals present at some races the inexperienced untrained marshels on the corners have no power to stop the traffic ploughing into a bunch of riders approaching the corner .It is know time to act on new rules for open road races .
    Have less races on open roads , marshells to go on courses and get paid for their time ,
    rolling road closures for elite, first and second catergory riders only.
    There are enough closed racing circuits around for the rest of the catergorys for safe racing.
    Marshelling rules need to be completly changed to protect marshells and riders know

  • Mike

    What a awfull thing to happen. My thoughts are with the family.

    Rolling road closures are the way to go I think. I live in France now and road closures for the most minor of events are the norm, and not just for sport. Give the public fair warning and they can plan around it.
    We have to move away from the mindset that the “Car is king”.

    Road running came up against the same problem about 10 years ago. Lots of the old classic races that had been run for generations were forced off the roads by the Police because, well, you cant inconvenience the motorist for 30 mins, can you?

    We all pay for them through taxes, the roads belong to everyone.

  • David Standard

    Can we not hope for rolling closed roads for what is fast becoming the country’s most successful sport? Also more commitment from the police in support of cycle racing on the highway, paid for if required by subsidy from the riders?