Saddle design "relieves 100 per cent of pressure"

Is this the world’s most comfortable saddle? According to the makers of this Infinity saddle, the answer is yes.

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Weighing in at 210g and costing $170 (roughly £112), the Infinity N-Series saddle is made from injection-molded nylon, but the biggest talking point is that minimalist design. The thinking behind the saddle is that the lack of material relieves “100 per cent of pressure on the sit bones and pubic bones”, meaning that the only points of contact with the saddle are parts of your backside that “provide their own padding”.

Infinity saddles L-series

The Infinity L-series saddle has a more classic look

If you’re sold on the science of the Infinity saddles, but are not too keen on the looks of the N-Series model, then the more classic appearance of the L-Series model might be more up your street.

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This has the same basic outline as the N-Series, but is completely covered with either tan, black, white, red or blue leather. Aside from the appearance, the only other difference is the price, which is a little higher at $240 (£158).

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The final model in the Infinity saddles range is the C-Series. This $340 (£225) saddle isn’t available just yet, but features the same design as the N-Series, albeit with a carbon-fibre instead of nylon shell, which should make it the lightest of the three models.

For more details visit the Infinity website.

  • Cal

    I wouldn’t buy one unless they almost halved the weight – not minimalist enough it seems…

  • sukisszoze

    I got one via Kickstarter. For me, it felt better than the standard saddle that came with my bike.

  • Wayne Champigny

    I think I have a friend that could 3D print me one of these on the seat frame from my wore out seat as payback for favors past? How can such a ‘minimalist’ design carry such a premium price? I’d buy one but $170? Really? And I would have to have the covered one…..maybe if it was custom molded to my butt, ’cause we all know ain’t no two butts are alike, am I right?

  • borts

    I’d be afraid the boys might get caught in that.

  • J1

    “Is this the world’s most comfortable saddle? According to the makers of this Infinity saddle, the answer is yes.”

    No, because everybody’s different. Obviously the manufacturer will say it is, they’re trying to sell you a product.

  • cheeryble

    Principle may be right.
    Totally flat bar stools and chairs (bone contact) v uncomfortable.
    A slight indentation for each buttock (spreading weight to the softer areas) a much better experience.

  • chollo9

    A saddle, like the other two points of contact, LOCATES you in a position. If you’re not using bone, you’re gonna be waddling around on either fat or muscle. I don’t think that’s going to work well. And just because you remove some pressure points that are being a bother, doesn’t mean you won’t end up with different ones doing the same thing. New boss same as the old boss.

  • Nigel Rue

    I think with that saddle I might be!

  • Conscience_of_a_conservative

    Why not just ride standing up?

  • Robert Webbe

    Is it available in the UK yet? Worth a try only one sit bone other amputated due to tumor, could be the answer to comfortable ride

  • Callum Hughes

    Haha… Really is it April fools already?

  • Mister Epic

    Is this the world’s most comfortable saddle? The answer is YES – You got caught red handed there!