The power meter market, once dominated by one force (SRM), now has a number of challengers and a competitive range of different ways to read your power output. With this, Garmin has now finally launched the long awaited Vector pedal-based power meter system this month.

Dispensing of usual cranks and hub power measuring systems the Vector pedals are said to be very easy to use and as simple as ‘plug and play’, suggesting that you can walk into a bike shop and walk out with a fully working system, without the usual downtime you may have with other power units.

Vector uses a ANT+ wireless pedal pod to transmit to any ANT+ receivable device, including Garmin Edge 500/510 and 800/810 GPS cycle computers, which will display total power, left and right leg as well as cadence from the pedals.

Also with the long established Garmin Connect data collection website you’ll be able to review detailed power metrics along with the usual mapping and post-ride analysis.

You can expect all this for around £1349.99 available to you now, only through authorised Vector dealers which can be found via the dealer locator here:

Contact: –

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  • Johhny

    i usually love you garmin, you should know that first. but, please call when when the speedplays are back. case study in how to completely foul up a great product post aquisition.

  • Ken Evans

    Pedal system specific ? What about Speedplay pedal users etc ? The whole external “pedal pod” concept is rather inelegant, and hopefully will be improved upon with time. ‘Stages’ have a aluminium crank arm fitting power meter, that sells for less than $1000 in America, but is not currently sold outside of USA. It should be noted that some other power meters (such as ‘Polar’) have been very inaccurate, and unsuitable for proper coaching use.

  • Toby Stables

    Great product, wish I could afford some for myself: just too much! Still great concept, and can see them becoming cheaper (hopefully!) over time.

  • natasha

    i have a much cheaper system , if the person in front is pulling away from me and i cant keep up then i am not powerful enough and need to do more training , £1400 for a power meter pedal? really?? another product for the over paid mamil!!