Endless days in the sunshine sauntering around the countryside on a bicycle: it’s not exactly a dog’s life, is it? Well, it is for Zara, the six-year-old Jack Russell owned by Belgian cyclist Eric Desmette and who goes touring everywhere with him.

Last year, Zara and Eric – or Zaric as their joint business card calls their partnership – rode their own 5,000km Tour de France in 22 days, heading over all the big cols. This year they’ve just completed an eight-day ride around Corsica, knocking up roughly 150km a day.

The pair are a sight to behold coming up a hill towards you – Eric pedalling rock steady, Zara poised on all fours in the custom made carrier attached to the front of the bike.

“Zara enjoys it,” asserts Monsieur Desmette, who’s been taking her on trips for the last four years. “She’s always looking around, taking in the scenery, especially in the mountains. She sometimes gets very excited when we stop to meet people, but she’s never a problem.”

Together the pair completed ultra-endurance randonnée Paris-Brest-Paris in 2011 and are next year planning on a “Grand Tour of Italy” and riding the ancient pilgrims’ route to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.

Taking man’s best friend on the road does, of course, present its problems. Hotel or chambre d’hote reservations have to be given notice in advance of the special guest, who Eric admits often sneaks onto the foot of his bed in the night. Then there’s the issue of feeding Zara. “I just give her a bit of whatever I’m eating,” Desmette happily discloses. “I take her to the restaurant. She ensures I don’t eat too much!”

Although a member of the Club CycloTouriste d’Antoing, not far across the border from Roubaix, Desmette says that in taking Zara on all his rides, he’s “never alone” while touring. “I like my bicycle and I like my dog so I take her with me.

“I talk to her as we ride along,” he adds. “I say to her how nice it is and point out things of interest along the way.

“I’ve never seen anyone else take their dog touring.”

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  • Zaric

    Thanks a lot Hugh. I’m very happy you wrote a very nice article about us. Zara and I are very excited and grateful. We thank you very much and we hope to see you again somewhere all over the world. Congratulations. I hope hearing from you again. Zaric.

  • Varlet Donat

    Nice article – thank you Mr Gladstone. I remember it in our website : http://www.ctantoing.com 🙂 You’ll have a lot of Belgian readers…
    Best wishes !

  • dale lindsay

    That’s cool , but maybe a little easier compared to my exploits with a 10/11 kilo jack russell on the back of a 14 kilo touring bike, not a light racing bike like Eric’s… free/wild camping in a tent everywhere around britain in the sun, wind and rain and not staying in cozy hotels each night! i think i should get a couple of extra points for that ha-ha…

    I too also take my dog on most of my local rides…

    Dogs are cool!

    Well done Eric.