The Lazer Z1 helmet is a few years old now but we've grown to love it and it has come down in price by over £50 and lost a little bit of weight too

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 9

Lazer Z1


  • Impressive adjustment system
  • Well ventilated
  • Aeroshell included


  • Styling isn't for everyone


Lazer Z1 helmet


Price as reviewed:


The Lazer Z1 has been around a while now, though that doesn’t mean this old dog looks or feels out-of-date and still remains one of the better helmet choices on the market. Lazer has put the Z1 on a diet and given it a lick of paint yearly to keep it on trend.

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The best feature of the Lazer Z1 is its versatility and the ability to be one helmet for a number occasions. This is thanks to the supplied aeroshell that has – hence the name – aero properties to rival some of the dedicated closed off helmets on the market. Although I haven’t tested for that.

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If you are worried about any UCI ruling suggesting items need to be fixed or permanent, a little bit of tape will solve this issue.  It does, however, act as a great rain protector or an extra layer in the winter to help stop the winter string.

On the other hand, the massive number of vents (31) will help keep you cool in all typical UK or early Mallorcan hot weather spells. The vents are good at holding your sunnies too.

Typically helmets from the Belgian brand use something called the Rollsys System, although on the Lazer Z1 it has gone a step further and used an updated system called ‘Advanced Rollsys System’ which is lighter. The dial is placed on top of the helmet by the ‘rear spoiler’ instead of at the back.

The advantage here is comfort and the system can wrap around the back of the head and in practice it works very well.

Whilst the mushroom styling doesn’t suit all rider tastes, I like the look of the Lazer Z1. There is a reason it looks like this too. The Z1 features T-Pro (temple protection) as Lazer discovered one of the weaker area’s of the helmet was around the side and so offers additional coverage to help that style of impact.

At its now reduced price of £150 the Lazer Z1 is a very attractive offering, it is available in MIPS too at a higher price of £174.99.


The Lazer Z1 offers all you need in a helmet. It is light enough (225g), is well ventilated, has a detectable aeroshell and can be purchased with MIPS (£174.99). It does look a little different (larger) compared to others which some riders may not like, I personally don't mind it.