We see if the 200 quid Lazer Z1 can live up to its price tag.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 7

Lazer Z1 helmet


  • Impressive adjustment system
  • Fairly well ventilated
  • Aeroshell included


  • Expensive
  • Sits high on your head


Lazer Z1 helmet


Price as reviewed:


As you’d expect for 200 quid, the Lazer Z1 helmet is a half-decent lid. However, although a very good all-rounder, I’m not sure it stands out in enough areas to justify the high price-tag.

There’s plenty of flexibility in terms of sizing thanks to the RollSys adjustment system, which makes it very easy to fit a skull cap or cotton cap underneath the helmet on chilly days. And unlike pretty much every other helmet I can think of, the dial is positioned on top of the helmet, not at the rear, meaning it is less vulnerable to damage particularly when you’re transporting it in luggage.

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However this does give the Z1 a slightly strange feel on your head when you wear it, something that I never really got used to. The casing sits quite high on your head compared to most other helmets, which gives it the feeling of being a little unsecure (although in reality it isn’t) and makes it look like the helmet is perched on top of your head.

Ventilation is also good, without ever being quite up to what I’d expect from a helmet of this price. It’s cool enough for 90 per cent of days thorugh the British summer, but for the other 10 per cent you might find yourself overheating a little.

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The one place the Z1 does stand out from the competition is with the Aeroshell, a plastic shell that can be clipped on to the outside of the helmet to convert this into an aero lid.

For more details visit the Madison website.


The Lazer Z1 helmet is a good lid with an impressive adjustment system, decent ventilation, and an aeroshell included for race days. However it's hard to ignore the price, and it feels a little odd sitting so high on your head.