The Mavic Ksyrium Elite is one of the most popular upgrade wheelsets. The product continues to develop so here is our review of the current version

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Mavic Ksryium Elite



  • Look great
  • Very solid and stiff
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  • Different colours
  • Light for the price
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Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheelset


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One of the easiest and biggest changes you can make to improve the performance of your bike is to upgrade the wheels. If your bike cost below £2,000 then there is a good chance that the Mavic Kysrium Elite will represent a significant upgrade. For those with deeper pockets, the Mavic Ksyrium Elite has long been regarded as a solid training and everyday wheel, while precious carbon is preserved for race day and special occasions.

There is also a disc brake-specific version of this wheel, which we will be reviewing in the future.

Buy now: Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheelset at Evans Cycles for £472.50


The hubs and nipples come in a choice of three colours

Mavic Kysrium Elites are one of the most popular upgrade wheelsets around, with a good reputation for reliability, quality and easy servicing. Having bought and extensively ridden the previous version of this wheel, I felt well placed to judge Mavic’s latest iteration. The current Mavic Ksyrium Elite features a wider internal rim width of 17mm increased from 15mm over the previous. If you are wanting to consider other potential wheel upgrade options we have a page on the best upgrade wheels you can find here.

The wider rim equates to the tyre sitting wider, providing better grip in the corners, a more comfortable ride and better integration of the tyre and rim. Previously, 25mm tyres would mushroom on the rim. There are also three new choices of nipple and hub colour; the red you see here, electric blue and classic black. The anodised finishes look great and it is nice to see choices. It also means there is scope to colour coordinate with your frame.

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The Mavic Ksyrium Elite comes with a wider 17mm rim for this year


Another visual difference from its predecessor is the rounded rim profile, something Mavic calls 4D Milling. It looks nicer and is designed to reduce inertia and improve aerodynamics. I have to admit that I didn’t really notice any discernible difference in aerodynamics, but any improvement is welcome, considering the previous version didn’t have a strong reputation in this department.

For the same sort of money you could opt for a budget carbon deep-section clincher, such as Wiggle’s Cosine wheels. However, the superior stiffness and quality of the Mavics swings it for me. It’s no contest.

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Mavic Ksryium Elite free hub.

Mavic Ksryium Elite free hub and spacer.

In terms of weight there’s less of a change from the previous version. The redesigned rim weighs 405g, and a pair without tyres hits Mavic’s scales at 1550g. On our scales, with skewers included, the pair weighed 1708g – not super light but certainly competitive for the price.

The wheels come with Mavic Yksion tyres

The wheels come with Mavic Yksion tyres

Mavic’s QRM+ bearings found in these wheels are superb and are actually the same as used in the top of the range Cosmic Ultimate wheels – an excellent example of how technology trickles down.

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Having bunny-hopped up kerbs and ploughed into several potholes (resulting in several pinch flats!) I can report, these wheels are as bombproof as the previous model, with no truing required throughout testing. Stiffness is good too, with no flex or brake rub noted when sprinting.

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The wheels come with Mavic’s own 25mm Yksion Pro Griplink and Powerlink tyres. Measuring with calipers, I can report that although they measure 25mm, they come up considerably narrower than Continental GP4000 or Schwalbe One 25mm tyres, both which sit around 26.5mm on these rims.

The Mavic tyres offer good grip in both wet and dry and roll pretty well. However, having covered many miles, the consensus here is that puncture protection isn’t the best and I would switch to something else once they have worn out. Still, including tyres and tubes makes for good value.

Buy now: Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheelset at Evans Cycles for £472.50

Inevitably when a product is popular and used by a large number of people, some will have a bad experience, or issue. Fortunately Mavic offers a solid warranty and repair programme for the unlucky minority – I have used this service in the past and was impressed with the turnaround

Mavic has taken one of the best upgrade wheels on the market and made it even better.


If you have £500 to spend on a pair of wheels, look no further.


Weight (without tyres):1708 pair
Weight front:700g
Weight rear:900g
Spoke count:18 front, 20 rear
Internal rim width:17mm
Rim depth:24mm front, 26mm back
Max rider weight:120kg
  • John Baker

    My Mavic Krysium Elite wheelset 25c are rusting out . All spokes corroding. Its very very bad. Less than 9 months old. I contact Mavic in France , they will NOT warranty. Problem is huge .. it would bankrupt mavic if they honored the two year warranty. I had a front wheel in a set of Mavic 23c Eiltes rust out, rear fine. Replaced under warranty back in 2015. I’m gutted as theses wheels are not cheep. I’ve never had rust on other brands ..Many of my ride buddies have the same problem with Mavics. Bike shops say , throw them away when bad. WTF. I don’t like Dura race .. due to wobble factor over 80Kmh and constant maintenance with non sealed bearing wheels. fulcrum seal bearings done last. :)) It feels horrible riding rusting wheels .. feeling gutted . Please be warned. TAG Mavic wheels rusting

  • John Baker

    Warning as stated by David Wooldrdge, these new Mavic Krysium Elite wheel sets and other wheelset models such as cosmic carbon or non are ALL rusting. In less than 12 months the spokes stared to rust on my new 25C black Elites. My other set of sliver elites are rusting. So as a previous exact same model (current) set which I had a front wheel replaced under 24 month warranty due to rust. The rear was find – So it’s a poor manufacturing issues. I have friends riding Mavic’s and they too are rusting within two years. It’s the Black metal spokes MAVIC your wheels are the best , I wont ride any thing elese, but what coming out of China or Taiwan is shit. Rusted in last 3 years , 2x sets of Mavic Krysium Elite 23c, Carbon Cosmic SL’s (only pulled out of the bag 12 times over 3 years) and now my new Krysium Elite 25c’s .. That’s $6000 invested in wheels that rush.

  • Butty

    So how do they look different from last years narrow version if you were buying online for what looks like a good price?
    And yes, what about a disc version?

  • Conscience_of_a_conservative

    I ride these on my winter bike ,but originally bought them for my Colnago C-59. These wheels feel solid and bullet proof but in the end don’t inspire you to climb hard or ride fast in the same way as the wheels that I eventually settled on for my Colnago Dura Ace C-24. There’s simply nothing like well done cup and cone hubs.

  • Jay Kay

    any scope for disc version?

  • Andrew Bairsto

    Not bad wheels but the tyres must be worst I have ever used changed them for Michelin Lithion 4.

  • nortonpdj

    It’s a shame they won’t sell these without the tyres for a lower price. The tyres are nowhere near as good as, say, conti gp400s. The wheels deserve better tyres. I’ve never heard of anyone who buys Mavic tyres if they’re not bundled with the wheels.

  • David Wooldridge

    I purchased a Mavic Krysium Elite wheelset and was satisfied for six months until the spokes started to rust. It seems incredible that a wheelset of this price has corrodible spokes as even the cheapest wheels nowadays have stainless steel.
    Needless to say, I complained to Mavic who replaced all the spokes (again with non-stainless) under warrantee.

  • Haydn

    Too bloody Heavy.