Roval, sister company to Specialized, has hit out strongly in the disc market – will these Roval CLX 32 disc wheels live up to the hype?

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Roval CLX 32 disc wheelset


  • Lightweight
  • Fast rolling
  • Future proof


  • Tubeless hard to set up


Roval CLX 32 disc wheelset


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Roval has been busy producing some pretty swag wheelsets in the last few years. The new CLX range comprises a 64mm deep, 50mm and these 32s that fall into the lightweight category. The rear weighs in at 740g and the front 610g – not bad for a disc-brake wheelset.

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The American brand is claiming big things with its range. It has wind-tunnel tested all of the rims and claims the Roval CLX 32 to be class leading in terms of weight and aerodynamics, suggesting they are faster than some wheels twice the depth.

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The 32s use the centerlock system for the discs and have a very wide internal carbon rim which sits at 20.7mm. They look very wide and fitted with 26mm tyres sit perfectly, giving a great contact patch on the road allowing for better comfort and rolling resistance on the typical broken roads of the UK.

Specialized say the Roval CLX 32 was engineered in its own wind tunnel with 24mm wide tyres to get the best aero package as possible.

It seems to have worked. These feel great at all speeds. Lightness help acceleration and aerodynamics help slice through the air, which heightens their all-round ability.

Those rims are tubeless ready but a colleague and I found the wide rim made tubeless set up difficult, even with the help of dedicated tubeless pumps. However, the advantage of this is getting tyres on and off is easy, but getting them seated is a pain thanks to that tubeless-ready rim.

Despite the light weight Specialized claims, these carbon hoops are tough enough for cyclo-cross and while we haven’t pushed these off-road, we can confirm they brushed off typical farm tracks and weathered winter lanes without buckling or needing a true-up.

Thankfully the American brand provides QR and 12mm bolt thru caps with the wheelset (as well as pair of tubeless valve) so you should be able to work with whatever spindle type you use.

Ceramic bearings finish off this high-end wheelset and help them roll nicely. By being light and not so deep these spin up quickly and hold speed well too. I’d happily train on these, race on these and use them everyday for commuting.

The brilliant thing about disc brakes is that the rim will never wear and, as long as you look after the ceramic bearings, should stand the test of time too – a great upgrade for those who have dived into the disc-brake world.


Roval has done a great job here. It's made a robust, fast and versatile wheel that you can use for anything road or cyclo-cross related. I've enjoyed my time with them and hope Roval allow me to keep hold of them just a little longer. A great upgrade for any disc-using cyclist.