Warning: video contains numerous expletives

An Edinburgh cyclist has posted a video online of the moment he was attacked by a taxi driver in the Scottish capital last year.

The taxi driver and cyclist – who posts videos under the name of ‘Another Edinburgh Cyclist‘ – had been engaged in a verbal altercation due to a ‘close pass’ by the taxi (at 1:00 in the video) prior to the incident in August 2015.

After the pair originally exchanged words, the taxi drives away. A few minutes later, the cyclist rounds a bend to be confronted by the taxi driver out of his vehicle and standing in the road (at 3:35 in the video).

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As the cyclist tries to pass him, the taxi driver appears to step in his way and punch or push him off his bike, knocking him to the ground.

The cyclist then gets up and calls the police, as the taxi driver waits. The entire incident was filmed by the cyclist on a high-definition camera, and the footage was passed to the police as evidence.

The cyclist reports that the driver pleaded guilty in court last week, and has been charged with careless driving and assault, given nine points in his driving licence, fined £360 and ordered to pay court costs.

  • ventouxventoux

    27 years ago a taxi driver swerved at a cyclist some 200m in front of me. It turns out they had had words at a set of lights back in the town. At the foot of this hill we were descending the taxi driver was out of his cab at the roundabout raging at the cyclist and he belted the cyclist a couple of times. The cyclist was not up to fighting this big fella so I intervened and told the taxi driver to calm down as he could see this guy was no match for him. I guess I used the wrong words. He straight away shouted ”oh you are a match for me then” as I am fairly big at 6’2 and 15 stone. I tried to say that I was not trying to provoke him and that I merely meant that this cyclist was not interested in a brawl. He grabbed me and I fell back (as I still had bike between legs) onto the ground. He muttered more insults as I was putting my bike against the hedge row. I still have no regrets as to what happened next. I battered the **** out of him.

  • smilingvulture

    Old Waverley Hotel,princes st,is a bad junction,turn right,waiting traffic,trams,waverley bridge,going straight where I beleive 1st incident happens ,pavement closes up either side,you have nowhere or time to correct yourself.I honestly beleive it wasn’t intentional the 1st incident ,I myself have braked hard when seeing pedestrian or cyclist last second.

    However the road rage incident,the driver saw the red mist,couldn’t control himself.

    p.s. I’m a blackcab driver

  • As a weekend motorist I am concerned that this taxi man gives all of us drivers a bad name and we won’t get any more dual carriageways put in.
    bikesy co uk

  • Alistair Thomson

    Revoke the driver’s licence, even if it’s just for a couple of weeks and see how he copes. For someone that drives for a living, allowing the red mist to descend like this is incredibly worrying.

  • ScaredAmoeba

    Horrid tram-lines! Due to the video camera having a fish-eye lens, the Taxi was a lot closer to te naked-eye, than it seems to be in the video. For evidence of a fish-eye lens look at how straight objects near the edge of frame (e,g. building verticals, lamp-posts etc. curve as the cyclist passes them).

  • Liz Miller

    Lucky the cyclist had excellent footage of all the incidents. Driver need to go on an ‘anger management’ course too IMO. To the rider, thanks for the ride in Auld Reekie’ Know that route so well, not been there since trams arrived!