Your CW5000 June challenges

Celebrating Cycling Weekly's 130 year anniversary with the biggest challenge of the year

CW5000 challenges
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

Summer seems to have finally arrived, so with that we’re going to give you what we think is the hardest challenge we’ve ever set. One that will definitely help increase your mileage and get you closer to the 5,000 mile target. 

Remember to email us with the details of how you took on the two challenges, why you chose the routes you chose and how you completed it. Email details to

cw5000 challenges

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1. Complete a 130 mile ride

This is the biggest single-day ride challenge we’ve set since the challenge began in 2020 and we’re doing it to celebrate Cycling Weekly’s 130 year anniversary this year. Scrolling through the posts on the CW5000 Facebook page it’s a distance many of you have come close to riding already, but when your legs are tired the extra hour or two in the saddle that this ride will demand can make a ride significantly harder. 

Will this ride help you get to the halfway point of 2,500 miles at the end of June? We hope so. Once you’ve completed it, be sure to let us know about your ride.

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cw5000 challenges

(Image credit: Future)

2. Do a point-to-point ride

Aside from those who commute, most of us simply ride from and back to our front door. One of the aims of the CW5000 was to challenge you to mix up your riding and try something different, and a point-to-point ride can do just that. 

Why not get a train somewhere new and ride home, or head out early and meet friends or family for lunch before getting a lift home? For this challenge the start and finish points should be at least 20 miles apart.

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