Struggling on steep hills? New study finds dietary nitrate - as found in beetroots - helps to improve muscle torque

Already widely held as a ‘superfood’, could this be yet another string to the beetroot’s bow?

Image shows beetroot juice
(Image credit: Getty Images - invizbk)

There’s a variety of so-called ‘superfoods’ which periodically do the rounds. Of those, beetroots seem to have a particular tendency to crop up with a certain regularity - that deep-purple, root vegetable has previously been associated with an increased oxygen uptake by the muscles and blood pressure attenuation.

Even so, new ground is still being broken: a new study by a team from the University of Exeter, UK has shown - “for the first time” - that “skeletal muscle rapidly takes up dietary NO₃ ⁻ … [and is] associated with enhanced torque production during maximal intermittent muscle contractions.”

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