Indoor app TrainerRoad launches group workouts with video chat

Another great way to stay connected while staying in shape

Indoor app TrainerRoad has launched a great new feature to help riders stay in touch during the coronavirus crisis.

The training software company, based in the US, has unveiled a new group workouts feature complete with voice and video chats with up to four friends.

TrainerRoad developed the feature over the last week in response to the global lockdown, which has left people searching for new ways to train and stay social during their isolation.

Launched on Monday (March 30), the new feature allows you to share your voice, video and data as you and friends nail the same workout in the TrainerRoad app.

According to TrainerRoad: “The goal with this feature is to give cyclists the support system and motivation to reach their goals, and to have a blast while doing it with their friends.

“We’ve worked in an all-hands sprint over the past week to develop this feature and we are receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from early testers.

“This is a really fast development cycle in the software space, and even though this first iteration doesn’t have many features we plan to include down the road, we’re confident it will get more people training and getting faster together.”

To set up a session, go to the Group Workouts tab in the app and select Browse Workouts.

Choose the session you want to do, then copy the ride code and share it with your friends.

Once your companions have the code, they can join through the Group Workouts tab.

Each workout will be adjusted to the rider’s individual FTP.

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Currently the feature is only available on Mac and Windows and you must be doing the same workout as your friends, but TrainerRoad is working on expanding the feature.

TrainerRoad offers structured indoor workouts, training plans and performance analysis tools, and costs around £153 a year or £16 a month.

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