The Sufferfest launches training plans tailored for eRacing demands

Indoor racing is short and punchy - these plans aim to get your form nailed

(Image credit: Russ Ellis)

Pro coaches at The Sufferfest have designed a new training suite with sessions tailored for the demands of virtual bike racing.

The Sufferfest, which boasts a library of entertaining but carefully structured training videos within its app, also offers a selection of training plans which can be carried over to platforms like Training Peaks. The newest option is for a plan created with virtual racing at front of mind.

The app contains over 100 plans for cycling and triathlon, and the new eSport focused options can be tailored for races under 20 minutes, those from 20-50 minutes, and hour plus long events.

Chief Cycling Physiologist with The Sufferfest Sports Science Division, Mac Cassin explained: “The demands of virtual racing are very different from those of real-world disciplines. If you want to be successful in cycling eSports, you need to train differently.”

“Plans designed for road-racing events just aren’t as effective in preparing athletes for the multiple surges and sustained efforts that characterise racing in virtual worlds.”

The 2017 USA Points Race National Champ is no stranger to punchy racing, having shifted his personal focus from road racing to the track, in a bid to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games.

The plans have been created with time-crunched athletes at front of mind, requiring on average 5.5 hours of training a week.

"[The plans] give you the option to substitute the occasional workout for online races. That means you can still ride online with your friends while getting the benefits of a structured training plan designed specifically for cycling eSports,” says Cassin.

eRacing is growing discipline. In April this year, Canyon unveiled the first ever professional eRacing team, consisting of 10 riders, three of whom have been crowned as National Champions in the discipline. The team competed in and won the Zwift KISS Community league.

With most eRacing hosted on Zwift, the introduction of the training programmes sees The Sufferfest working to complement as opposed to compete with the service provider.

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David McQuillen, CEO of The Sufferfest, said: “The Sufferfest is dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals, whether they’re competing on the road, on the dirt, or online.”

"While virtual worlds are great for racing, nothing beats the sports science and structured training that The Sufferfest provides. Together with our 4DP-based workouts—as well as our optional Yoga, Strength Training and Mental Toughness programmes—these new plans will get any athlete into the best shape possible for virtual racing.”

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