10 Reasons to ride an eBike

They look like a blast because they are, here are some great reasons to stop holding off and start enjoying a new ebike

Raleigh Motus electric bike on an orange studio backdrop
(Image credit: Raleigh)

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Electric bikes, or ebikes, are one of the hottest consumer trends happening right now. As brands respond to the trend, there's constantly new options. Even old and storied brands with lots of history have moved with the times, offering exciting new products. The brand-new Raleigh Motus range is a perfect example of this. 

Raleigh Motus is a range that covers all kinds of bikes in different styles and at different prices. There are options for step through frames or step over frames, you can choose the number of gears, and whatever you choose you'll have suspension to help keep the ride smooth. Still, even with a range of pricing choices, it's a big purchase. We are bike people though and if there's anything we are good at, it's helping people have good reasons to ride bikes. If you are thinking about adding yourself to the ranks of ebike riders, keep reading to see why we think it's an excellent choice.

1. Riding an ebike is fun 

You don't have to reach far to figure out the absolute best reason to ride an ebike. It's enough to say it's fun. There's a simple joy in going outdoors, turning the pedals, and enjoying yourself. On an ebike there's no pressure to perform in any particular way. All you have to do is enjoy yourself and in this crazy world doesn't that sound like a nice break? Leave all the pressure behind and just enjoy the day. 

2. There are adventures to be had 

Two people riding Raleigh electric bikes on a wooded trail

(Image credit: Raleigh)

Riding an ebike is fun and part of that is the adventures that await. Head out your front door and see what's out there. For some people an ebike will be an opportunity to explore but it can also be an excuse to explore. No one can blame you for wanting to get plenty of use out of your new bike, right? Whatever reason you find to get out the door, an ebike is a way to see the world around you in a new light. It's connecting, freeing, and there are new memories right around the corner.  

3. It’s great exercise  

Some people have this idea that ebikes are cheating somehow but the truth couldn't be further removed. An ebike enables you in a healthy way. You've got a machine that's fun and you are eager to get out and explore. It just so happens that exercise is a side effect and that's the kind of experience that keeps you moving. Instead of thinking about exercise as a thing you have to do now you can focus on having fun and let the exercise happen naturally.  

4. You don’t have to worry about getting home 

How is it possible that ebikes are good exercise when they let you do less work? It all has to do with removing obstacles. When new riders head out on a bike there's a lot of concern about getting home. An ebike lets you go further and get back without worry. Head out the door, enjoy the day, have an adventure, and when you've had enough, head home. With the power of an electric motor, you'll go further, worry less, and spend more time moving. 

5. Hills are no longer a concern 

Hills are another obstacle that ebikes will alleviate. You'll have the confidence to head out your door and not worry about the landscape you encounter. Whatever you come across you know that you've got help to handle it. If you live in an area with a lot of hills you might never even try to explore by bike. Or, even if it's relatively flat around, you might worry about getting to a hill you can't handle. With an ebike those are concerns you can forget about. It's like having a friend with you to help when you need it most.  

6. Wind doesn’t matter anymore 

Are you thinking you don't live anywhere near a hill and so that's not much of a reason? Well, if there's no hills then there's bound to be wind. Wind can be a serious consideration on a bike and it often changes throughout the day. Leave your house in the morning and the wind might be mild. After a day spent exploring the ride home could be right into a serious headwind. With an ebike you've got support no matter what comes up. Hills are maybe a more obvious consideration but the same support is there to help you deal with the wind.  

7. There’s money to be saved 

Dad ride a Raleigh electric cargo bike

Up your heart health and life expectancy by bike
(Image credit: Raleigh)

Cars are expensive. What if you could say goodbye to insurance fees, fuel, and road tax? That would be some serious savings and an ebike might be the way to do it. Remember, there are ebikes of all kinds and tons of supporting products. If you need to carry kids around, or pick up groceries, there are cargo ebikes and ebikes with extra seats. You could pull a trailer or add storage to your ebike. If you want to replace your car there are a lot of smart people making great products to help you do it and it all starts with a quality ebike. 

8. You could help save the world 

Ebikes are about more than making the life of individual riders better. As a world we have to join together to tackle the problems that our history has led us to. Ebikes are part of that solution. Making the choice to leave your car behind means you are reducing your carbon footprint. Not only that but by making a personal choice you are reducing the carbon footprint of those around you. When you take yourself out of the traffic equation the whole system becomes more efficient. You can be part of the change you want to see in the world and it's not even a hardship.  

9. You can skip the traffic 

This is a different take on saving the world. Sure, that's a lofty goal but you don't even have to focus on that. You can flip things around and focus on personal benefit. Instead of sitting in traffic to and from work you could cruise along enjoying yourself. Your commute could turn from a terrible time you have to spend creeping through traffic into your favourite part of your day. It's good for the planet but it's also an opportunity to wind up, or down, as you head to and from the office. Wake up on the way in and leave the day behind on the way home. 

10. You don’t have to match the pace of a friend 

Two people talking on a bench with a Raleigh electric bike in the background

Get lost in the lanes, and let your sense of direction get you home. (Andy Jones)
(Image credit: Raleigh)

Got a friend or a loved one that's in better shape than you? If you'd love to spend time with them riding bikes an ebike can eliminate the friction of different abilities. They can ride as hard as they want and you can cruise along with the support of your ebike making it so you can chat and enjoy the ride. It's a winning situation for both people and a great way to connect. The conversations you can have when riding through the countryside are amazing and now fitness doesn't have to be a limiter.  

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