British Cycling sets deadline for new transgender inclusion policy

Organisation set on new policy publication in Spring 2023

Emily bridges original context only
Emily Bridges was blocked from competition earlier this year
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British Cycling has committed itself to a deadline of spring 2023 to publish its new transgender inclusion policy. 

The national governing body attracted controversy in April after blocking new trans riders from competing as it suspended its policy on transgender and non-binary athletes, pending a full review. 

The policy had only been introduced in January but had received mixed reception among female coaches and riders with some very concerned it would effect the ability of cis women to compete.

Trans rider Emily Bridges, who's aim to compete at the national championships had brought the issue to the fore, was publicly damning of the decision in June and said the decision was made due to “public pressure.” 

“I think there's a lot of public pressure to pull the policy and I think that's why it was pulled," Bridges said. 

Bridges also explained that after promising a “full review” she was not contacted by the organisation. 

“I’ve heard nothing from them,” she explained. “They said that they'd be in touch about the procedure, about how they were going to make the new policy. But I haven't heard anything.”

"So, either they're not doing anything or they're not doing what they said in their email to me and including me in making a policy."

However this afternoon, British Cycling confirmed that a review is ongoing and that it “remains committed to ensuring that trans and non-binary people are welcomed, supported and celebrated in the cycling community.”

A working group has been set up to review the policy and is tasked with recommending a new policy, or set of policies, and “identifying any practical changes needed” for it to be successfully used. 

British Cycling also made clear that the working group will be considering the views of those likely to be affected, including female race licence holders and members of trans and non-binary communities and that the consultation process will conclude in the early stages of 2023.

After a period of review from independent experts, a new policy, or set of policies will be put to the British Cycling board in the new year. 

British Cycling also clarified further elements of the policy suspension and clarified that for competitive activities that require race licences, trans and non-binary participants who obtained their race licence in accordance with the policy when it was in place can continue to use their licence to compete while the review is ongoing.

It added that the inclusion of both sets of people within non-competitive activity “remains unaffected by the suspension.”

The organisation said that in addition to the other factors for consideration, the working group tasked with the policy must “additionally continue to consider fairness, safety and inclusion, and the international landscape and policies of the UCI, International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee.”

The national cycling governing body has also committed to providing regular updates on the new policy as Spring 2023 approaches. 

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