Tenerife 2012

So far the annual Cycling Weekly photoshoot has been, pretty much, stress free. No hiccups at the airport with missing bikes, bags or people and our first full day here has been kind to us weather wise - meaning we've ticked many items off our ‘to-do' list already. Good start all round.

We've come out to Tenerife staying with Jen and Stu from Polka Dot Cycling Holidays who are our guides for the week. Supplying us with not only knowledge of the island and the perfect photoshoot locations, but more importantly, the support van full of lunch and snack goodness for the group to enjoy throughout the day.

Day one saw a relatively easy start with bike building and discussions of the week ahead, before heading out mid-morning for some shooting. Once everyone was set up we headed towards Vilaflor for our first taste of the mountainous terrain bumping into, quite literally, the Rapha Condor Sharp team.

Naturally, with shooting on the road, we are required to stop and re-take photos, turning in the road frequently. The speed of those boys did catch us out a little, which could have been very embarrassing, sorry boys.

Working till sunset we noticed the temperature along with the sunlight certainly drops quickly. A quick blast home and we've completed day one. All be it with a few red faces, which was mostly caused by the strength of the sun.