Moto 19 at Tour of Qatar

From moto 19, Luke Evans, the driver of CW photographer Graham Watson’s motorbike at the 10th Tour of Qatar

It’s probably how you imagine it – Doha is the capital of gas-rich Qatar, a brash city spewing concrete into the surrounding desert.

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Everywhere you go there are cranes, new roads and construction workers with faces wrapped up against the dust, natural and man made.

They work all day, and night. We can see the lights of construction vehicles from our hotel room and just about the only spectators at the prologue nearby were a bunch a blokes putting up a beachside pavilion.

There’s something vegas about the chaotic clash of styles of the high rises downtown. It’s actually a relief to see flocks of pigeons around and hear the sound of birdsong.

Saw a crazy pick-up when I was lost looking for fuel after the prologue. On the back wheels it had double wheels each side which stuck several inches beyond the body.

On the front, bolted to the hubs were about eight cone shaped spikes, chromed and flashing in the sunlight inches from a cyclist’s or pedestrian’s leg.