Cyclist dies after collision with trailer in Spain

A 58-year-old man died after being struck by a trailer

Police tape (Getty)

A cyclist has died after reportedly being struck by a trailer whilst riding in Spain.

The 58-year-old man was riding in a group in Pozuelo del Rey, in the Comunidad de Madrid, central Spain when he was allegedly hit by a 'small trailer'.

Emergency services and an air ambulance crew attended the scene, but they were not able to save his life.

Euro Weekly News reports that the Guardia Civil traffic police are investigating what happened to cause the fatal collision.

Earlier this year, the Spanish government approved tougher penalties and a change in the law for serious traffic offences, following a campaign led by the widow of a cyclist killed in a hit and run in 2015.

Anna González's husband Óscar was hit by a van whilst he was cycling, and the driver left the scene, though was later identified and arrested.

At the time abandonment at the scene only applied if the victim was alive. This is no longer the case, and abandonment is punishable with anything from three months to four years in prison.

Another change means that if a crime against road safety is committed which causes death or injury, it will automatically be considered a 'serious imprudence', rather than it being up to a judge to decide.

Euro Weekly News reports that some offences such as driving under the influence of drink, drugs, or at excessive speed, have previously not been considered "serious imprudence."

The maximum penalty for serious imprudence resulting in death has also be increased from four years to nine year in prison.

Euro Weekly News also reports that 'less serious offences' have now been classified as crimes, and these will be considered as reckless of a less serious nature if they result in injury or death.

These include overtaking where forbidden, failing to stop at a stop sign or traffic light, using a mobile phone whilst driving, failing to maintain a safe distance of 1.5 metres when passing a cyclist.

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