Cyclists don't accept dangerous driving in any other circumstance, so why is it ok in a bike race?

The incident involving two riders at France’s women’s junior national championships provokes serious questions about the proximity of racers to ‘support’ cars

The moment the car hits Amandine Muller's rear wheel
(Image credit: France 3/X)
Adam Becket
Adam Becket

News editor at Cycling Weekly, Adam brings his weekly opinion on the goings on at the upper echelons of our sport. This piece is part of The Leadout, a newsletter series from Cycling Weekly and Cyclingnews. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here. As ever, email - should you wish to add anything, or suggest a topic.

You have probably all seen the clip by now. You can feel the disaster coming. Célia Gery (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) drops back to speak to her directeur sportif in the team car, who is also driving during France’s junior women’s national championships. During the course of  the conversation, the DS rolls into the back of Amandine Muller (Grand Est), causing her to crash. 

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Adam Becket
News editor

Adam is Cycling Weekly’s news editor – his greatest love is road racing but as long as he is cycling on tarmac, he's happy. Before joining Cycling Weekly he spent two years writing for Procycling, where he interviewed riders and wrote about racing. He's usually out and about on the roads of Bristol and its surrounds. Before cycling took over his professional life, he covered ecclesiastical matters at the world’s largest Anglican newspaper and politics at Business Insider. Don't ask how that is related to cycling.