'Golf style' cycling clubs are risking extinction - and that would be disastrous for us all | Opinion

The last thing we want is for the traditional clubs which underpin the sport of cycling in the UK to cease to be, writes Michelle Arthurs-Brennan

Peloton at the Eddie Soens race in 2022
Cycling clubs underpin the grassroots scene
(Image credit: Andy Jones for Future)

‘This is a no-drop ride’ reads the description on the cycling club’s website. Written with all the best intentions, I’m sure. But the truth plays out on the road, and of course, when the tarmac is rolling and tensions are rising, it becomes increasingly clear that this is very obviously a ‘drop it like it's hot’ ride. Where ‘it’ is me, and I am very definitely hot, and sweaty, and generally bothered. 

The definition of a ‘cycling club’, in the UK, will vary depending on who you ask. For the traditionalists, it’s a group of riders who meet at 9am every Saturday morning, are governed by a committee and constitution, hold a weekly club time trial in the summer months and probably promote a race or two. This is the sort of ‘cycling club’ background I call my own. 

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