Indoor trainer that promises to feel like 'real cycling' is unveiled

Muoverti's latest trainer TiltBikes aims to capture the essence of cycling outdoors like never before

Muoverti TiltBikes
(Image credit: Muoverti)

Muoverti have unveiled a pre-production model of its newest immersive exercise bike, TiltBikes, claiming it to be the “first indoor bike that feels like real cycling”.

At this time of year indoor cycling shifts from a convenience to, for most dedicated riders, a must. Short days. Icy roads. Wind and rain for weeks on end. It’s enough to send even the hardiest of us hunting for the best smart turbo trainer. But even with today’s advancements, it’s hard to recreate the same feelings you have when you’re out riding. TiltBikes aims to address this.

To generate some ‘real-feel', TiltBikes have designed a stationary indoor trainer that allows riders to balance and steer, brake and accelerate. 

Early videos show riders shifting their weight with abandon as the bikes lean and move accordingly; all of which Muoverti says means that you engage many of the same muscles as when you’re out riding for real. To enable such movement TiltBikes uses lateral frame rotation combined with self-centering digitised handlebars, allowing the bike to move freely under the rider. 

Muoverti TiltBikes

(Image credit: Muoverti)

To date, even the more advanced smart trainers (such as the Wahoo Kickr bike) have struggled to recreate the sensations we feel when we’re riding outdoors. Muoverti claims to have cracked this by designing a patented system that uses an electromagnetic resistance control that communicates with a physics engine using algorithms updated 1,000 times a second. 

If it sounds frighteningly high-tech, that’s because it probably is. But essentially it’s used to recreate the feeling of the physical forces, like incline, inertia and rolling resistance, that we experience on the bike. Ex-pro and two-time TdF stage winner Simon Gerrans has described TiltBikes ability to accurately simulate such forces as “a game changer for indoor cycling.”

It would seem logical that to produce an indoor bike that feels akin to our real bikes requires it to be adaptive to a range of riders and riding styles. On first look it seems that Muoverti have really gone to town here, allowing for extensive customization of TiltBikes. 

The frame itself can be interchanged between different designs, such as mountain bike and time trial, and adjusted to a wide range of frame sizes. Additionally, the handlebars can be adjusted for both stack and reach and can be swapped around to accommodate drop bars, flat bars and time trial bars. 

Rather cleverly, the shifting is digitally customizable allowing you to replicate your favourite groupset, including its gear ratios, or indeed create new configurations. Crank lengths are adjustable thanks to a proprietary system, while seatpost height is taken care of the old-fashioned way with a quick-release clamp. Your preferred saddle and pedals can be installed with ease according to Muoverti.

Muoverti TiltBikes

(Image credit: Muoverti)

Data readings and feedback are generated through a range of on-the-bike sensors that capture rider motions such as left-right balance and seated vs standing position in addition to common cycling metrics, such as power and cadence. Add the companion app and you’ll have more than 20 cycling stats delivered in real time to help you visualise your performance.

Muoverti has designed TiltBikes to be compatible with all of today’s leading training and racing platforms from Zwift to TrainerRoad. It can also be used as a controller for games consoles due to its built-in joystick controls.

TiltBikes is due for release in 2022. More information on this most intriguing of indoor trainers is available at

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