Activists paint 'unsafe cycle lane' on Sydney streets to highlight safety issues

Guerilla activists have taken to the streets of Sydney to highlight the problem of 'unsafe bike lanes' by painting the phrase on unsegregated stretches of road.

(Photo: BIKESydney)

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the dozens of bike lanes targeted are those where strips of paint, rather than a physical barrier, mark the lane between parked cars and the main road.

The lanes, say campaigners, leave cyclists open to being hit by cars either moving or stationary and that the government need to 'get serious' about improving cycling infrastructure.

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David Borella, president of BIKESydney, told the Herald: "Cyclists are being forced to ride in between fast-moving traffic and potentially opening car doors,"

"That's putting peoples' lives at risk. Riders are clearly having enough and they are evidently making a statement.

"This statement widely represents the feelings of riders that it is time the state government got serious about high quality cycling infrastructure."

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A City of Sydney spokeswoman reportedly told the paper that the markings would be treated as grafitti and the perpetrators could be liable to prosecution.

And while New South Wales roads minister, Duncan Gay, says round tables would be held to discuss the issues, BIKESydney is calling on authorities to take quicker action.

The group wrote on Facebook: "'Round tables' Duncan Gay? More meetings and deleting cycleways are not solutions to rider deaths and injuries. Time to get real ..or move out of the way."

Adding: "1) Riders want action not more "round tables"; 2) agencies CAN - or can be MADE to - act quickly, and critically, 3) change depends on us, the community."

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Stuart Clarke is a News Associates trained journalist who has worked for the likes of the British Olympic Associate, British Rowing and the England and Wales Cricket Board, and of course Cycling Weekly. His work at Cycling Weekly has focused upon professional racing, following the World Tour races and its characters.