On-bike cameras at the Road World Championships (Video)

UCI video gives behind the scenes insight into testing cameras on bikes at the 2014 Road World Championships

Earlier this month we brought you our five favourite on-bike camera videos from 2014, as well as telling you how the UCI planned to test the technology during the road races at this year’s Road World Championships in Ponferrada.

Well cycling’s governing body has now released a video detailing exactly how they’ve gone about implementing the cameras and show some of the footage they’ve captured during the championships, including the huge crash towards the start of the elite women’s race.

The weight of the cameras is fairly insignificant, as with UCI weight restrictions on bikes in place riders are often looking to add weight to reach the required 6.8kg anyway.

The cameras are usually attached to the bike under the stem and handlebars to take front facing shots and on to the seat post to capture footage from the rear.

But it’s not yet possible to broadcast the footage live from the on-bike cameras, with the logistics of battery pack weight, bandwidth and transmission yet to be fully worked out.

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