Cycling quiz: can you identify the famous stretch of road?

Friday is quiz day, and this week's offering asks people to name the famous bit of tarmac that a pro-race has passed over

As always, here’s something for a Friday: the Cycling Weekly quiz. Previous editions have looked at news round-ups and very similar looking riders with the same surname. Well, this week we’re praising the unsung heroes of the cycling world: the roads themselves.

You might know your Vanmarcke from your Vandenbergh, or your Adam Yates from your Simon Yates. You may even be able to pick out a domestique in a crowded peloton, but can you identify the roads that can make or break pro-cycling careers?

Most of the roads we’ve chosen are Grand Tour climbs, but there are some in there that will be a bit harder to identify for all but the most seasoned observer.

Some people will find some of these easy, others will struggle their way through the whole quiz, but either way sit back and have a bit of fun naming cobbles and identifying climbs.

Road cycling would be nothing without roads, so let’s give them the attention they deserve. Vive l’asphalte.

Photos by Graham Watson and Andy Jones