Cycling in the snow: Your photos

We asked you to send us your snowy cycling photos - and you did!

The current snow and ice affecting much of Britain hasn't prevented some of you from going out riding.

We asked you to send us your snowy riding photos, and here’s a selection of the best. If you’ve got a scenic snowy picture to add to the gallery – tweet it to us at @CyclingWeekly or leave a photo on our Facebook page and we'll add it in.

Cycling in snow and ice: how to stay safe

Rory Wells - gloomy skies threatening more snow for the cross ride
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John MacKay - braving 23mm tyres on snow-covered roads
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Chris Stewart - rider and dog enjoy fresh snow and blue skies
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Phil Scott - First ride and first crash on a new bike
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John Morton - trying to keep the fingers free from frostbite

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Michael Curran - deserted climbs in Scotland
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Keep sending your photos in and we'll add some of the best to this list.