Blasts from the past: Top five British Pathé cycling videos

Take a look at five cycling videos from the British Pathé archives dating from 1899 to 1946.

1. Cyclists beat runners (1925)

Cyclo-cross has changed a lot in the past 90 years. Rarely do you see waist-high obstacles these days, but the technique for navigating over these fences has also improved from the 'lob your bike as hard as you can' technique seen here.

The race in Walsall pitted cyclists against runners in the boggy conditions, with the men on two wheels coming out on top.

2. Cyclist dives off pier into sea (1899)

This one dates back to the end of the 19th Century and shows that people doing silly things on their bikes is a timeless activity. This chap speeds off the end of a pier into the sea with a packed crowd watching the bike being hauled out by a rope.

3. Trick cyclist (1946)

This chap in Prague could do things on a bike that Peter Sagan can probably only dream of. Handstands, backwards riding and front-wheel wheelies are just some of the tricks in his repertoire.

4. Cycle Polo (1952)

Cycle polo has made somewhat of a resurgence in recent years, but this video from 1952 shows it is by no means a modern game designed to be played on a concrete playground.

5. Runaway cyclist (unknown)

And finally, a bit of slapstick from France.