Giro d?Italia leader Danilo Di Luca (Liquigas) has said he is not worried about having to undergo a surprise anti-doping test requested by the Italian Olympic Committee’s doping prosecutor Ettore Torri.

Di Luca and fellow Italians Eddy Mazzoleni, Riccardo Ricco and Gilberto Simoni were all asked for blood and urine samples late on Wednesday night by the Italian Olympic Committee.

The surprise test came after Torri met with police officials involved in the ‘oil for drugs’ investigation from 2004 when Di Luca was barred from starting the Tour de France following taped phone conversations that implicated him in a doping ring.

?I?m not at all worried because it?s related to 2004 and my lawyer has already asked that my case be closed,? Di Luca said after the stage to Riese Pio X on Thursday.

?Torri can do his job and I?ll do mine at the Giro but I?m not worried. I was told that under international and Italian cycling rules I didn?t have to do the extra tests but I did them because I?ve got nothing to hide.?