Four reasons to be fully protected when cycling in Europe

Cycleplan have 4 essential reasons to be insured when cycling in Europe, including security of your gear, your own safety, competitive cover & more!

This content is written in association with Cycleplan

Bike theft

In Europe, it’s estimated that a bike is stolen every 5 minutes, with major cities and those on cycling holidays targeted by thieves in particular. Without knowing where the local police station is, or not being able to communicate fluently, reporting your bike stolen and getting it back is often pretty unlikely.

With this in mind, it’s absolutely essential to protect your bike from theft when visiting Europe. Cycleplan’s specialist cycle insurance covers your cycling equipment and accessories against theft, loss and damage in Europe – providing it’s secured correctly with an approved lock.

Cover if you get injured

Cycleplan’s specialist European cycle insurance provides Personal Accident cover. What does that mean?

Well, when riding on unfamiliar foreign roads, there’s a far higher chance of you crashing or getting hurt. Whether down to confusing road systems, traffic or even road surface quality - it only takes one small slip of concentration for an accident to occur. If that happens, Cycleplan’s Personal Accident cover will make sure you’re insured against injury, disablement or death – so you can cycle abroad with complete peace of mind.

What’s more, their European Personal Accident cover also provides financial compensation if you were to break certain bones, or required pricey emergency dental work abroad.

Protection if you cause an accident

Training camps and touring holidays require a lot of riding, often in large, inexperienced peloton groups. For many cyclists, it can be a daunting prospect, riding with other people on unfamiliar roads, having to second-guess their movements rather than simply focussing on your own.

That’s why it’s essential that you’re properly insured. If you’re involved in causing an accident and end up injuring another cyclist and damaging their bike, or even injuring a pedestrian or damaging a car, that’s where the insurance really makes the difference.

Cycleplan offer Public Liability cover up to £5m, ensuring that you’re protected for legal costs and more, even if an accident does happen that’s your fault.

Competitive cover

Many cyclists are now heading abroad for the latest challenges and competing in a variety of events. Alpine challenges like The Etape Du Tour and multi-day amateur stage races like Gran Fondo Nove Colli have become increasingly popular in recent years.

However, the popularity of such events can also make them hazardous for cyclists, with up to 10,000 bikes on the road – many of whom will have a severe lack of peloton riding experience. It’s essential that you properly protect yourself, especially when riding on unknown foreign roads.

Thanks to Cycleplan’s European cycle insurance, you’ll be covered – allowing you to compete, hassle and worry free, able to concentrate solely on your performance.

We believe it goes without saying that all cyclists should protect themselves from the many hazards faced in Europe, and Cycleplan offer the best insurance around. Their policies cover Public Liability, Personal Accident, Theft, Loss and Damage of Equipment: Get your instant quote online today.

Plus: 0% APR on policies with premiums over £50, European and Worldwide cover, multiple bikes and accessories all on one policy, a Lowest Price Guarantee & an EXCLUSIVE Cycling Weekly/MBR 25% introductory discount!

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