Impatient driver squeezes into large group of cyclists (video)

Acton Bike Cycling Club ride in Swansea falls foul of Ford driver who can't wait

Videos of bad driving hindering cyclists are not new – but this latest one conveys extraordinary impatience.

A Swansea cyclist captured the moment when an impatient driver did everything he could to overtake a bunch of riders in a space little more than 100 metres.

The Ford driver goes wide of the cyclists after restarting from the traffic lights before cutting off their route into the central lane to turn right.

Jason Trueman, the rider who took the video on his Go Pro camera, was on his first ride with Acton Bike Cycling Club and admitted that the group of 100 riders did not feel safe when the driver overtook.

“I was worried,” he said. “They looked a bit shook up. It would only have taken another couple of seconds’ patience to go around.

“He probably thought he must have been able to get enough space to go around. I know it’s difficult with a large group though, and it was awkward.”