Jeremy Corbyn's 'dream bike' is a bit expensive for a Socialist, according to the Telegraph

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn covets a £475 Raleigh Criterium, according to a column he wrote for Stylist magazine, but the Telegraph think this is a bit pricey

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo: Twitter/@TrickyBee)

If you could choose your ultimate bike, what would it be? A Canyon Aeroad? A Pinarello Dogma? A Raleigh Ultimate?

If you're Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn then the answer is the latter of the three - a road bike retailing at £475, although according to Telegraph reporter Helena Horton this is a bit pricey for a Socialist leader - although the remark was later removed from the end of the piece.

In light of the pseudo-scandal of Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon turning up to flood-hit areas in a pair of £130 Hunter wellington boots, scrutiny is on the excesses of party leaders.

David Cameron opted for a pair of £12.99 boots for his trip to the floods, but Corbyn's dream of purchasing the Raleigh - one of the cheapest bikes in the Raleigh range - is sensationalised as being a little excessive.

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In a guest column for Stylist magazine, Corbyn revealed the Raleigh bike was his "ultimate object of desire".

"This aluminium-framed Raleigh Criterium, like my own trusty red Raleigh, is light and therefore fast, but comfortable for longer rides too – I recently rode mine with Olympic gold medallist Sir Bradley Wiggins (shameless namedrop) and it ensured I kept up with him," he wrote in the column.

At the start of the story it is stated that Corbyn's current old-school red Raleigh bike retails at £475 - a conclusion reached because he said his dream bike is 'like' the one he currently owns, "so it's likely to cost a similar amount".

The Prime Minister recently branded Corbyn 'the real conservative', which prompted the reporter to say his dream bike was certainly not a conservative choice.

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Lucky that JezCo didn't choose a £7,000 superbike as his dream machine, or he'd have been hounded out of Westminster.

If you head to the Telegraph story you can also take part in a wonderful poll, asking whether a true Socialist can covet an expensive bicycle. One of the three options is that Corbyn's bike should cost no more than Cameron's £12.99 wellies. If you find one that price, let us know!