Jeremy Vine videos motorist driving on Hyde Park cycle path and mounting pavement

The driver narrowly avoids colliding with an oncoming cyclist

(Jeremy Vine/Getty)

Jeremy Vine has posted a video showing a motorist narrowly avoiding colliding with a cyclist while driving through the segregated bike lane in London's Hyde Park.

The driver also mounts the pavement after somehow finding itself in the bike lane, instead of the road a few metres to the right.

Vine often documents the state of cycling infrastructure in London, and what cyclists have to put up with as they commute across the capital. This particular video was filmed on the evening of January 7 in the segregated bike lane, when he comes across a vehicle up ahead.

Edited together with background music, sound effects and a billion different fonts, Vine tracks the car's journey, exclaiming 'oh dear' as it drives along the horse lane before going across into the oncoming cycle lane. Before long, the car has to move over to avoid colliding with a perplexed cyclist.

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As the car arrives at the end of the bike lane, the car mounts the pavement, with Jeremy Vine riding up to the driver's window to let them know they are on the pavement, before the motorist turns left and continues their journey on a main road.

"Not every day you find a car on Hyde Park's cycle path. But of course, this is Kensington, where the council is ripping out cycle lanes — so some drivers think they can go wherever the hell they want," Vine tweeted.

Although Kensington's local council have no jurisdiction in Hyde Park, the authorities have come under fire for recently tearing up a £320,000 bike lane on Kensington High Street after just seven weeks of being open.

The local council said it was causing congestion, and received 322 complaints, which constitutes 0.2 per cent of the borough's population.

However, research showed the bike lane was blocked by parked cars 80 per cent of the time.

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