London cyclist records near-misses with lorries (video)

A London commuter had posted a video of near-miss incidents with lorries on his daily rides to highlight dangers to cyclists

Cycling commuter Dr Carl Myhill has attempted to highlight some of the dangers facing cyclists from lorries in London by posting a video to Youtube of several near misses on his 14 mile commute to and from work.

The moments where Myhill meets what he describes as 'crazy lorries' were recorded on October 22 and 23 of this year at Putney Bridge, New Kings Road and Embankment, according to the video captions.

Possibly the most unnerving of all the incidents shown is a haulage lorry attempting to turn right where specifically forbade and while a red light is showing too, which Myhill described as "a particularly scary one” to London24.

He said that he had been prompted to start recording his journeys to work after recent cyclist deaths in London, while several incidents on his own commute to Fleet Street also encouraged the use of a head-cam.

London's fight to secure better cycle facilities is ongoing, with proposals for new east-west and north-south 'cross-rail' style Cycle Superhighways still in the consultation phase.

Richard Windsor

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