New Kickstarter campaign claims to be the ultimate bicycle storage solution

The Stowaway sees bikes winched up to the ceiling and out of the way

Stowaway bike storage 2

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for a revolutionary new bicycle storage system.

The Stowaway, which is aiming to raise crowdfunding of €100,000 (£70,300) by Christmas Day, uses a pulley system to winch bicycles out of the way, above head height in domestic spaces.

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Stowaway bike storage 1

The storage solution has been developed to combat the combined problems of bicycle theft and limited living space in urban areas.

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Hoisting the bike out the way on the ceiling is certainly a good idea, but you'd have to be quite brave to sit under it however secure it is.

Stowaway bike storage 2

The maximum weight the storage system can take isn't shown on the campaign page, but by the looks of the video it will cope fine with a pretty standard road bike. It's probably worth checking before hoisting up your Dutch shopper, though.

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If put into full scale production the Stowaway may be the solution urban cyclists have been looking for to free up hallways and avoid thefts.