Rapha advertising for someone to fill a cyclist's 'dream job'

Clothing and cycling brand Rapha is looking for people to run its mobile clubhouse in Europe

Rapha mobile clubhouse.
(Image credit: Rapha)

Cycling brand Rapha is looking for someone to fill what many avid cyclists would perceive to be a 'dream job' – to become its mobile clubhouse ambassador.

The successful applicants will be responsible for running Rapha's mobile clubhouse in Europe, which is a truck that folds out into a café, a showcase for Rapha's clothing and other collections and a place for like-minded fans of cycling to meet at events and races.

"The Mobile Clubhouse is a travelling version of Rapha Clubhouses, a destination to celebrate the sport of road racing, bring cycling fans together, and showcase the Rapha collections," says Rapha.

"It allows customers to touch, try on and buy Rapha products. Caffeine-addicted cyclists know that Rapha is famous for serving some of the best coffee at rides, races and events."

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You will need quite a wide-ranging skillset to fulfill the criteria for the job: Rapha is looking for someone who can drive a seven-ton truck (in Europe), act as a barista, speak Italian, French and/or German, provide financial reports and organise the stock on the mobile clubhouse, plan journeys and book pitches, and be responsible for the mechanical upkeep of the vehicle.

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The job also involves leading bike rides at various locations in Europe... and, of course, you will need to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about cycling.

Interested parties can complete an online job application.

Rapha says that they will assemble two teams of two people, which will work in two rotations: March-July and August-October.