Student documentary looks at ways to improve cycling in London (video)

A Cycling Revolution sees University of Westminster student Rachel Mullins talking to those at the heart of the campaign to improve cycling in the capital

The campaign to make cycling safer in London has many different strands and it’s often hard to keep on top of them all, but students from the University of Westminster have created a 15-minute video to explain it all.

Presenter Rachel Mullins joined the protest march down Oxford Street, the die-in at Marble Arch and spoke to Stop Killing Cyclists campaigner Donnachadh McCarthy about cycle safety.

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The video also features and interview with the Mayor of London’s cycling commissioner Andrew Gilligan, who explained some of the new cycling infrastructure we will see in the capital in the next few years.

Mr Gilligan was also grilled as to why London’s spending on cycling was not proportionate to the number of people who use their bike as a mode of transport around the city’s streets.

And with a number of ‘mini-Hollands’ planned for London’s boroughs, Mullins also visits Amsterdam to see what all of the fuss is about.

If you find yourself with 15 minutes spare, give this film a watch and get the perspectives of Londoners on what can be done to improve their city.

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