Tinkoff-Saxo reveals sneak preview of 2015 kit

Gone is the yellow and out comes a slick looking design by kit manufacturers Sportful

Tinkoff-Saxo has today given the people of Twitterland a sneak peak at their new kit for the 2015 season.

Last season saw the team ride in their mustard coloured uniform, except at the Tour de France where the squad had to don a fluorescent green/yellow monstrosity to avoid clashing with the maillot jaune of the race leader.

For this season though, Tinkoff are going back to black…or navy blue, or grey, or a greyish blue. To be honest, it’s hard to tell exactly what colour it is from the dimly lit artistic close-ups provided for the preview, but from what we can tell, it looks pretty swish, even if it means they don’t stand out like the MTN-Qhubeka guys.


Moody close-ups

The yellow theme lives on through the trim on both the shorts and the jersey, as well the sponsors’ branding across the kit.

The kit is from the BodyFit range according to manufacturers Sportful, which means…er…something. You can read all about the technical aspects of the kit over on the Sportful blog, if that takes your fancy.

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Photo credit: Sportful

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