Tweets of the week: Mikel Landa has finally had enough, plus the rest of the lockdown round-up

Yep, that is Mikel Landa wielding an axe

To while away the hours during lockdown many have turned to ruminating on what life will be like when it all ends and things, hopefully, return to some form of normality.

One thing I’ve learnt during lockdown is that my top three hobbies are drinking flat whites at coffee shops, going to nonessential businesses and touching my face. I will be doing these three things, maybe all simultaneously, as soon I’m allowed to.

But for now, I guess we’ll have to make do with everyone doing their absolute best to outdo each other on Twitter dot com.

There is nothing else to do at the moment apart from type out tweets, right? Maybe when this is all over, tweets will have become so intrinsic to society you’ll be able to whip out a good one at the shop and buy a loaf of bread with it. Trudging home past all the rubble and dustbins that are on fire to the place where the wifi connects automatically, settling down to send out some more fire tweets to pay for tomorrow’s food.

This week, we’ve been treated to Arnaud Démare riding a unicycle, the only bike race currently taking place – the Giro di Tooting, oh, and Mikel Landa smashing a home trainer to pieces with an axe. Normal. Very, very normal.

1. These WorldTour pros are always out here with the latest bits of kit

2. Click the picture for a surprise

3. The lockdown is a great time to learn new skills, something Arnaud Démare is taking very seriously

4. We should have seen this coming tbh

5. Lockdown means pro riders can spend more time with their families, which technically, Matteo Trentin is doing

6. A deleted scene from the Movistar documentary perhaps?

7. You know what, forget the Grand Tours, this is all the bike racing I need from now on


8. Please, for the sake of tweets of the week at least, let’s keep it light

9. Do you reckon this guy is excited for his indoor session?

10. There is apparently no limit to the De Gendt family’s talents

We’ll be back in seven days’ time for more of the best from social media across the cycling world.