Tweets of the week: Winter training special with Geraint Thomas, Tom Pidcock and Ella Harris

The pros are deep into their preparations for next year, here are a few of the best tweets

Christmas is a week away and the pros are deep into their winter training for 2021.

To celebrate the last few days of the year, we’ve put together a winter training special edition of Tweets of the Week, featuring Rick Zabel and Ashleigh Moolman Pasio

Check out just a few of our favourite cycling social media posts from the last seven days:

1. Sharing this Peloton session without comment…

2. Anyone trust their tyres this much in the wet (or dry for that matter?)

3. Ashleigh Moolman Pasio with an e-sports podium celebration

4. Ella Harris decided to upgrade to her mum’s bike

5. The 2021 kit memes are here and they’re great

6. This a familiar feeling for anyone else in the winter months?

7. Cycling can often be a bit of a culture shock

8.  A new approach to descending in cyclocross

9. Tom Pidcock focused on the important aspects of his huge CX win

10. If only it really was this quick getting ready to ride

We’ll be back soon with more tweets of the week.