Tweets of the week: Rohan Dennis, Peter Sagan, Elia Viviani and more

Who would have thought Peter Sagan could solve a Rubik's cube in 26 seconds?

Once again here’s our round-up of the best from across social media as the Tour de France 2019 passes the halfway stage with the peloton heading towards the high mountains.

This week we have regular contributor Peter Sagan, Chris Hoy, Elia Viviani as well as surprise appearances from figures outside of the cycling world, as the vastness of the Tour de France usually facilitates.

1. Second place on the stage, first in the stank face competition.

2. The more you think about it the less weird it gets, of course Peter Sagan can solve a Rubik’s cube in under 30 seconds.

3. Petition for scientists to start trying to fuse together Peter Sagan and Rohan Dennis in time for next year’s Tour and bring home half a yellow jersey each for Slovakia and Australia.

4. People often laud cycling as a sport for how close it allows fans to get to the action…

5. Pure. Limbs.

6. I guess when you’re a six-time Olympic champion it gives you license to make as many terrible jokes on your Twitter as you please.

7. When will the UCI’s tyranny end? Rise up fans from across the cycling world. If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.

8. You’d think Louis van Gaal’s appearance at the Tour would take top billing as most unlikely collision of worlds this week, only to be beaten by…

9. …comedian Al Murray popping up in the ITV commentary booth!

10. If there was one person you could count on doing a spot on, yet slightly deranged, impression of Peter Sagan, it would be Daniel Oss.

We’ll be back in seven days’ time for more of the best from social media across the cycling world.