Videos of the week: hopping to the top of Taipei 101 and behind the scenes at Milan-San Remo

It's time for the best videos from the world of two wheels

The racing season continued apace this week, with the first monument of the year being contested in northern Italy. Milan-San Remo didn’t go to plan for some of the pre-race favourites, with a mechanical seeing off Mark Cavendish and a large crash bringing down many other riders. In this edition of videos of the week, La Primavera features twice from very different angles.

Away from the pro-peloton, a Polish trials rider spent over two hours in a stairwell for the sake of a world record. Further still from Europe’s lycra-clad super-humans, there’s an amusing video of Vietnamese villagers attempting to traverse a muddy puddle by cycling across a very narrow plank.

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Behind the scenes at Milan-San Remo with John Degenkolb

Spoiler alert for one of the later videos: John Degenkolb won the 2015 Milan-San Remo from a reduced peloton. In this video Shimano Race takes fans behind the scenes with the winner of La Primavera.

Stuck for things to do in Taiwan? Why not ride up a load of stairs?

Polish trials rider Krystian Herba beat his own world record when he hopped his way to the top of the Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan. Conquering all 3,139 steps, he took just over two hours to beat his own previous record of 2,919 stairs from last year in Melbourne. He’s now awaiting confirmation from the Guinness committee.

An amusing test of balance

Ignoring the spoil sports who make it all the way back to dry land, have a chuckle at this Vietnamese village contest to see who can cycle all the way from one end of the muddy puddle to the other across a 30cm wide plank.

LottoNL-Jumbo’s Classics preparation

With all eyes on the Tour of Flanders, LottoNL-Jumbo are using this Friday’s E3-Harelbeke as a preparation race. This video shows them on a recon mission for what they say has become a much harder race in recent years.

The sharp end of Milan-San Remo

Finally, back to racing. As mentioned above, a certain German strongman came out on top when Milan-San Remo reached its conclusion. Watch the last 2.5km here, or skip all the way back for the full final 10km.