Watch: Driver knocks down cyclist for riding between queueing cars whilst stopped at red light

The cyclist posted the shocking dash cam footage on YouTube

Shocking dash cam footage has captured the moment a cyclist was knocked off his bike by an enraged driver whilst stopped at a red light.

As the cyclist makes his way between queueing cars in Greenwich, London, the driver of a silver Ford Focus shouts at him: "Keep to the side of the road, you're not a car".

The driver repeats this as the cyclist moves ahead of his car to wait in the cycle bay at the front of the queue of traffic.

This enrages the driver further, who starts yelling "test me!" at the cyclist. Eventually, tempers boil over and the driver starts to accelerate towards the cyclist, who begins to ride off, but the driver makes contact and knocks him over, crunching the cyclist's back wheel under his bonnet.

The driver then reverses and steers around the cyclist whilst other cars beep him. As the driver speeds off, the cyclist shouts after him: "Why are you running away?"

The cyclist lifts his bike up on to the kerb whilst the other cars who witnessed the attack drive off, with no-one stopping to help him.

One commenter on the video said: "Many are saying that you should never go in front of a driver like this, but I hope the risk you took can get this dangerous driver off the road for good and that would be a really positive outcome."

Another added: "Sad that nobody stopped to offer assistance. Good job you have cameras."

A recent survey has also revealed a decline in outdoor cycling and a spike in indoor sessions, which British cycling have said makes for "uneasy reading".

British Cycling's Policy Manager, Nick Chamberlin, said: "While cycling remains statistically safe, traffic speed, close passing or potholes can often make riding a bike in Britain intimidating and unpleasant, especially for those who are trying it for the first time."