Tokyo 2020 Olympics women's road race LIVE: Follow live updates as the women's peloton fights for gold

Live coverage of the women's road race at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Hello and welcome to Cycling Weekly's coverage from the women's Olympic road race in Tokyo. 

Olympic road race start list
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Full list of Team GB cyclists competing
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Hello and welcome to live coverage of the women's road race at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games!

Here's the profile for today's stage, a 137km route from Musashinonomori Park to Fuji International Speedway that sees the riders take on over 2500m of climbing

The race is well underway, the 67 riders have 118km to go

There's five riders in a break away out front, which includes:

There's under 20km to go until the major climb up the Donushi Pass. We'll likely see a high pace there to thin out the bunch, although with such small teams it will be difficult for and squad to take full control

The gap to the break has jumped up to around seven minutes to the peloton, with the two chasers around a minute ahead of the bunch with 108km to go.

Full list of starters today:

There's a two rider counter attack from the peloton ahead of the climb, including Catalinia Soto Campos (Chile) and Agua Marina Espinola (Paraguary) who go straight past the two chasers in between the groups

Heading into the final 100km and we're approaching the climbing proper.

The five-woman breakaway has a massive advantage of over 10 minutes now, with the peloton riding easy at the moment

Demi Vollering (Netherlands) comes to the front of the peloton and the pace has accelerated

The road is beginning to rise with 96.8km to go - there's around 40km of climbing now with some intermittent descents 

Vera Looser (Namibia) has been dropped from the break, so it's now just four riders out front

Annemiek van Vleuten has just done a big turn on the front of the peloton before handing over to the Italian team. The gap is still over 10 minutes though

With 86km to go the road is really taking it's toll on the size of the break, with just three riders - Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria), Omer Shapira (Israel) and Anna Plitcha (Poland) - left out front. They still have over 10 minutes with Germany on the front of the bunch.

No one has taken up the chase to the breakaway in earnest here, and the gap is now up at over 10.30 to the three leaders heading into 82km remaining

It's still Germany and the Netherlands doing the bulk of the work but there's no real impetus in the bunch. Annemiek van Vleuten is back on the front but the gap remains steady at around 10 minutes

GB's Anna Shackley has spent the entire race just in front of Lizzie Deignan as she looks to keep her protected. As a two-woman team though, there's little Shackley can do in terms of trying to bring this three-woman break back by herself

The defending champion Anna van der Breggen has come to the front - will we see an attack in the next few kilometres? There around 73km to go and 16km left of this long drag of a climb

After a turn on the front, Van der Breggen has now drifted back and is at the team car, leaving three German riders on the front. Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria), Omer Shapira (Israel) and Anna Plitcha (Poland) still have over 9 minutes with 70km to go

Crash at the back of the peloton - Annemiek van Vleuten has gone down along with Emma Norsgaard of Denmark.

It looks like Norsgaard came down on her own in the middle of the bunch but Van Vleuten wasn't able to avoid her as the bunch passed

The area Norsgaard crash looks exactly where Tao Geoghegan Hart and Geraint Thomas crashed in the men's race. There's a metal lip in the middle of the road and it looks like the Danish rider caught that as Geoghegan Hart did.

Olga Zabelinskaya (Uzbekistan) accelerates, while Van Vleuten is still chasing on behind alone

We have our first attack out of the peloton. Demi Vollering has attacked with 61.3km to go

The Dutch rider has a modest gap but is being chased down by riders from the USA.

After Vollering was pulled back, Ruth Winder is now on the attack. Van Vleuten is chasing having just made it back to the peloton.

Winder is back in the bunch and all those attacks have cut the gap to 8-40

Marianne Vos attacks and takes the likes of Lizzie Deignan, Kasia Niewiadoma and Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio with here, but the bunch aren't letting them go

There's lots of riders being dropped from the peloton now with the Dutch still hammering the pace. Demi Vollering is dong the work on the front with 57km to go

Deignan's team-mate Anna Shackley has been dropped

Ruth Winder goes on the attack again

No one is able to stay out front of the peloton at the moment, but there's a host of riders out the back now

Van Vleuten puts in a big attack

That was a huge move from Van Vleuten who now has some daylight between her and the peloton as the road continues uphill

There's no urgency in the peloton right now, it's Zabelinskaya who's pulling on the front right now

Chloe Dygert (USA) gets dropped. 

The breakaway now only has 6-30 on the peloton, with Van Vleuten 30 seconds or so in front

Mavi Garcia tries to break clear of the peloton but the Dutch have marked the move with 49.2km to go

Lizzie Deignan goes on the chase, but again the peloton are marking that move

We're on our way to the only other named climb of the day, the Kagosaka Pass, which is only a short climb of around 2km

The chase behind Van Vleuten is not cohesive at all, which will play into the Dutch rider's hands

Van Vleuten has almost a minute now. There'll need to be some working together from the peloton to stop her riding all the way to victory here

A reminder we still have three leaders on the road. They have 5-15 on Van Vleuten and 6-25 on the peloton

Anna Kiesenhofer has attacked her two breakaway companions with 41km to go and has decided to try and go solo

Van Vleuten is holding off the peloton at about 45 seconds as Germany lead the chase. Kiesenhofer is 5-11 ahead of Van Vleuten with 38km to go.

The riders are on the long descent from the final climv down towards the Fuji International Speedway. Van Vleuten has around 50 seconds on the bunch but Kiesenhofer is doing a good job of maintaining her five minute advantage

There's a four-woman escape from the peloton, including Zabelinskaa, Niewiadoma and Christine Majerus

That group has been pegged back by the peloton though. Van Vleuten is losing a bit of time now, she's only just in front of the bunch

Meanwhile, Anna Kiesenhofer is putting in a phenomenal ride - the Austrian still has five minutes in hand as she rides on alone

Van Vleuten is brought back Niewiadoma tries to attack

24.8km to go and there's tentative attacks from the peloton as our lone leader continues on

Chloe Dygert has returned to the bunch having been dropped and is now pushing the pace

Kiesenhofer enters the Fuji International Speedway for the first time

Anna van der Breggen and Demi Vollering have missed a split in he bunch here, so the Dutch now only have Marianne Vos and Annemiek Van Vleuten in the peloton with 22.6km to go

Chloe Dygert and Coryn Rivera are doing the bulk of the work to try and shut the gap to Kiesenhofer 

We've just had our first glimpse of Omer Shapira (Israel) and Anna Plitcha (Poland) for a while, but no time check back to the peloton. Those two are still working away behind Kiesenhofer

It's two minutes back to Omer Shapira and Anna Plitcha, so they have a further 2-25 to the peloton with 17.9km to go.

Kiesenhofer crosses the finish line for the first time - she's got 17.8km to hold on for. remarkable solo win.

Juliette Labous (France) has attacked off the front of the peloton and has a decent gap

Race situation with 16km to go:

Van der Breggen has attacked but yet again is followed by the rest of the bunch

Demi Vollering is pulling hard on the peloton now but with 12.7km to go things aren't looking great for the peloton

With 10.9km to go it currently looks like all the medals could be taken by riders from the breakaway - Omer Shapira and Anna Plitcha are still two minutes or so in front of the bunch

The Dutch are trying to take some control of the bunch but it's too little too late by the looks of it. Kiesenhofer is still over three minutes ahead with 9.3km to, and she is gritting her teeth to get this done

The chasing two behind may have more trouble holding off the bunch - they are just over a minute behind now

Of course there's no race radios here, so Kiesenhofer is just giving it her all with no time gaps back to the bunch

The Dutch are really giving this one last go as they amass completely on the front. They will be seriously regretting letting the original break get 10 minutes on them

There's just 5.6km to go though, and Kiesenhofer has 2-49 still, while the chasing pair have only 40 seconds on the bunch

The Dutch effort may see them get a medal - it's heart break for Omer Shapira and Anna Plitcha as they're caught with 4.5km to go

Anna Kiesenhofer has this now with 3.4km to go - she'll take a remarkable gold medal

Kasia Niewiadoma attacks from the peloton but is struggling to stay clear

Van Vleuten tries to attack again but can't get away

The Dutch are peppering the peloton with attacks. Van der Breggen tried and as she was pulled back Van Vleuten has gone. She has a decent gap on the peloton

Kiesenhofer enters the final kilometre with two minutes' advantage still

Van Vleuten is still off the front of the bunch with riders trying to jump across

Anna Kiesenhofer wins the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games women's road race

Kiesenhofer is in disbelief at the finish as she tries to realise what she's done

Van Vleuten manages to hold on and take second place, she seems happy with that. Elisa Long Borghini (Italy) completes the podium.

Here's the top-10:

Full report from today's Olympic race:

Some reaction: Turns out Annemiek van Vleuten's celebration across the line to take silver was because she thought she'd won gold.

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