Moment cyclist attacked by road rage driver caught on camera

Footage shows the driver approaching the cyclist on the wrong side of the road

Footage shows a road road incident in Hull (Picture: Youtube/count69)

Footage has emerged of the moment a cyclist was attacked by a driver in a road rage incident.

The video, captured on the rider’s GoPro, shows the driver approaching on the wrong side of the road resulting in an altercation.

Cyclist Si Shimells said the driver turned into him, before punching him in the head through the window.

The incident happened between 1pm and 2pm on Friday (February 15) in Sutton, Hull.

Mr Shimells told news website Hull Live: “I suddenly realised there was a car coming straight for me and I didn’t know what to do.

“He wound his window down and was punching me on the head as he was driving past.”

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Mr Shimells said he was thrown to the ground when the driver turned his vehicle towards him and punched him through the window.

He phoned the police during the incident and walked to a nearby junction where the driver had stopped, but while taking down the number plate Mr Shimells said the driver got out of his vehicle and they continued to argue.

The victim went to the doctor the following day and found he had suffered bruising to his head and muscle damage to his shoulder, back and spine.

Video footage from the incident shows the driver travelling towards the cyclist on the wrong side of the road.

The cyclist then falls to the ground.

Mr Shimells is appealing for witnesses to the incident to come forward with information.

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Earlier this month Cycling Weekly reported on British pro Scott Auld, who was thrown into a ravine in a crash with a van while training in Spain.

The Ribble Pro Cycling rider was riding with team-mates when the van driver came around the corner partly on the wrong side of the road, according to Auld.

A team-mate was clipped by the van, and the chain reaction sent Auld careening towards signpost at the side of the road.

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