Garmin launch new action camera series

Leading GPS manufacturer, Garmin, have revealed their first attempt at breaking into the growing action camera market.

With the series of cameras named ‘VIRB’, Garmin have announced two breakthrough models: the VIRB and the VIRB Elite. Both models carry 1080p HD recording capabilities, as well as featuring a nifty 1.4 inch colour screen for playback on the go. The two models also have three hours of recording time after one full charge, but this can be extended with a microSD card taking it up to a maximum capacity of seven hours with 64GB of memory

The main difference between the two models is the VIRB Elite’s GPS and WiFi capabilities. This means that users can sync their VIRB with their phone as well as other Garmin products that can track location, speed, elevation, heart rate among others. Moreover, Garmin are launching a free mobile app alongside the Elite, letting users playback and edit their videos before allowing them to add them to social media sites including Youtube and Facebook.

Both models have three shooting modes, including wide, medium and narrow lens while also an image stablisation and distortion correction feature which prevents the curving effect felt by similar products. Even better, the VIRB takes 16mp stills while filming to enable the user to get some great in ride shots.

The sleek and aerodynamic design of the VIRB allows it to go relatively unnoticed, whether placed on your helmet or handlebars. Weighing in at 177g, it’s shelled in a curved hard-casing that looks to be made to handle the roughest of conditions and crashes.

With the VIRB retailing at £269.99 and its Elite counterpart for £349.99, Garmin’s new action cameras will set you back a tidy sum. Nevertheless, the VIRB series looks to be a superb addition to Garmin’s notable range of sport gadgets.

The VIRB and VIRB Elite are set to hit UK stores in October 2013.


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