Garmin Vector 2 power meter pedals unveiled

Next generation of the Garmin Vector 2 power meter pedals should be easier to install and feature LEDs to show status and maintenance information.

Garmin Vectors may not have been the first pedal-based power meters, but they have certainly been the most widely adopted since they were launched back in 2013.

Hot on the heels of its new action camera, Garmin has now unveiled the new Vector 2 and Vector 2S pedals, with the most exciting development being the easier installation process.

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Admittedly when we were envisaging what the updated Vector would look like, we were expecting Garmin to abandon the pedal pods of the first generation and house all the sensors and transmittors in the pedal body itself, something that PowerTap has managed to do with their recently announced P1 pedals.

vector-easy-to-installHowever the pedal pods remain, but with the new design can now be installed after the pedal has been attached to the crank. In effect this means that you could purchase multiple pairs of the pedals to attach to your various bikes, then just switch the pods between them, throwing your pedal spanner in the bin in the process.

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The update does however give the pods a second purpose, as they now feature LED lights which will display “important setup and maintenance information”. Garmin isn’t giving away much more than this at the moment, but we envisage the lights will be able to give different information on things such as battery life and connectivity to a head unit.

Garmin’s single-sided pedal solution also receives the update, with Vector S becoming Vector 2S, with this system taking power measurement just from the left pedal then doubling the value to give an estimate of your total power.

The new power meters will be available in the next couple of months and will be priced at £1199.99 for the Vector 2 and £749.99 for the Vector 2S, the same prices a the first generation products. Users of the original system also haven’t been forgotten, with upgrade kits from Vector to Vector 2 costing £119.99, and from Vector S to Vector 2S costing £79.99.

Alongside the new pedals, Garmin also unveiled an improved version of its Cycling Dynamics software, which analyses your pedal stroke in intimate detail, measuring where you apply power through the stroke, where on the pedal the power is concentrated, and how much time you spend in and out of the saddle.