Garmin Vector pedals

We’ve got a household motto: ‘if you’re going to do something, do it properly’. Garmin appears to have a similar saying.

It’s been 18 months since our first and last look at its pedal-based power meter, Garmin undertook a complete re-design and boy it was worth that wait. The final of the Vector system looks impressively sleek and simple to use.

Garmin’s clever Engineers have managed to shoehorn a complex system of eight strain gages, an accelerometer and all the other wizardry needed to measure a slight deflection in the spindle throughout pedal stroke. It’s this data that is used to calculate the power.

Vector System: sleek and simple

Housing the guts of the system in each spindle means as well as being hidden from the weather, you also get cadence along with left/right leg reading.

Exactly what you receive the reading on, is your call. Naturally, it’s harmonious with Garmin’s own units. A software update to either 500, 510, 800 or 810 units make them capable of receiving a readout. Although using ANT+ means, in theory, it’s not just tied to Garmin.

Fitting the pedals and sensors only requires slightly more patience than a normal set. The sensor sitting inside the crank arm does protrude slightly, but mimic cornering and sensor tarmac contact concern is alleviated – the pedal will ground-out long before.

Inevitably the Exustar PR3 pedal-body will wear out (or get written-off) so replacements are available, although the stainless steel insert will help durability. Automatic axle collaboration occurs within a few pedal strokes after first fit; and should you want to re zero torque mid ride, five reverse strokes’ll do the job. It’s all beautifully simple.

Sensor fits snug in the crank arm

At £1,349, Vector is not cheap, yet compared to it’s power-measuring peers it’s at the lower end of the price spectrum. Fitting 95 per cent of cranks on the market, the only downer we can see is if you’re not a ‘Look’ style pedal and cleat system fan. With promises of pinpoint accuracy, consistency and DIY installation, Vector could very well bring power measuring to the masses.


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